Minister Halkitis at a ceremony where 62 customs officers were promoted!

Minister Halquitis highlights Bahamas Customs Service’s national security role and source of revenue

Promotion – Minister of Economy, Senator. Michael Halkitis attended a promotion exercise for his 62 customs officers at the CA Smith Building on Monday, November 28th. (BIS Photography/Lisa Davis)

Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas – Economy Minister, Senator. Michael Halkitis attended the promotion of 62 customs officers in a brief ceremony at the CA Smith Building on Monday, November 28th.

According to the minister, he “was there to participate in the presentation of the letter, on behalf of the government, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister, to thank you for the services you have provided.

“When you think about Customs, most of the time you think about revenue and the importance of revenue. (Ralph) Mr Munroe talked about increasing revenue. but customs has a very important function in terms of protecting immigrants from smuggling and smuggling illegal activities; and its role is equally important.

“Because you’re doing double duty, we’re collecting the revenue, and we’re also looking out for the security aspects of the work you do.”

The minister also attended a similar exercise in Nassau last Thursday “as an expression of appreciation and gratitude to those who were receiving promotions”.

Earlier engagements at Grand Bahamas on Monday saw the minister pledge to participate in the exercise.

Accompanying the Minister was Acting Deputy Commissioner Ralph Munro. Whitney Kenny, Assistant Controller. and Kenneth Flowers, Deputy Air Traffic Controller in charge of Grand Bahama and Walkers Cay.

Minister Harkitis acknowledged that the officers have served the country for many years, adding that although in many cases they are stationed in difficult areas, they continue to show up and perform their duties. , he said.

“The fact that you are progressing to the next level shows that you have demonstrated your ability and that the discipline of the work you have done has enabled your progress. Being there means more is expected of you.”

They are expected to set a good example for junior officers, so “I am confident that all of you who are being promoted are ready to face the challenge.” Minister Halkitis at a ceremony where 62 customs officers were promoted!

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