Minister helps improve internet signal at West Kalimantan border

PONTIANAK, WEST KARIMANTAN (ANTARA) – Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs to improve internet signal in border areas, initiated by the public university in Pontianak, Tanjung Pura University, said Muhajir Effendi, Minister of Coordination of Human Development and Cultural Affairs, said: I applaud this effort.

“West Kalimantan has a border area, so improvement of the border area is essential,” Efendi said after giving a public lecture to lecturers and students at Tanjung Pura University here on Thursday.

Improving telecommunication signals in the border areas would make border residents more proud to be part of the single nation of the Republic of Indonesia, he asserted.

The Coordinating Minister considered that efforts to increase connectivity in the border areas are suitable to ensure the government’s presence in the border areas, which is a showcase for Indonesia’s neighbors.

“It’s funny if you’re always urging people in the border areas to contribute to the country. They didn’t have access to basic facilities like the internet. I fully support this program and (about the program ) will be in touch with the country’s own business minister to support and provide internet network facilities in the border areas, Efendi explained.

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Meanwhile, Tanjung Pura University Chancellor Professor Garuda Wiko said the ministry had signed a contract with leaders of 35 higher education institutions whose research proposals had been accepted by the government last August.

A research proposal submitted by Tanjung Pura University was about improving internet signals to strengthen national resilience in the border areas of West Kalimantan, he noted, and the study was supported by the National Spiritual Revolutionary Movement (GNRM). He added that it is being implemented as part of

“The GNRM program was launched as a joint effort between the Coordinating Ministry and the Forum of Indonesian Rectors (FRI). The program aims to strengthen the role and function of higher education institutions to develop high and noble character, high quality, It’s also our commitment to create innovative educational, competitive, pancasilalist talent,” Wico said.

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