Minister: Immigrants on the Hungarian border “have no right to cross”

Hungary is “under pressure from the east and the south at the same time,” the Foreign Minister told public Kossuth Rádió on Sunday morning.

Péter Szijjártó said that about 12,000 to 13,000 refugees arrive daily from the war-torn Ukraine, adding that “when you escape the war, you can only go to neighboring countries.” Immigrants on the southern border of Hungary, on the other hand, “have no right to cross” because they “violated the borders of several safe countries, including Serbia and Hungary.”

Hungary maintains strict border control,

Therefore, establishing an independent unit for that purpose “has a great need,” he said.

In addition to the east, NATO also focuses on the challenges of the South regarding the growing threat of terrorism and the potential for famine due to disruptions in grain supply from Ukraine that could cause a wave of “unprecedented” migration. Szijjártó warned that it should be guessed.

“Peace is in Hungary’s interests in all possible aspects,” he added. “Every minute of the war in Ukraine poses a security threat.” Therefore, the Hungarian army needs to be developed, “for that purpose, defense spending will reach 2 percent of GDP next year,” he said.

The atmosphere of war overtook NATO, Szijjártó said, but “fortunately, the predominant position is that everything must be done to avoid a direct conflict between NATO and Russia.” Added. He called it a “wise decision.”

NATO as an alliance does not send weapons to Ukraine because it “threats even greater tragedy”.

Regarding energy, Szijjártó said that countries that can produce enough energy for their own consumption are safe in the future, taking into account “energy prices that were previously thought to be unthinkable.” The upgrade to the Paks nuclear power plant is “very useful” for Hungary, he added.

Szijjártó says the Hungarian government is “continuously speeding up the project”, allowing two new blocks to start production in 2030. ..

Construction at Pax has not been hampered by European sanctions against Russia, as the peaceful use of nuclear energy is “in no way affected” by these restrictions, Syarto said.

sauce: MTI Minister: Immigrants on the Hungarian border “have no right to cross”

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