Minister names nine inflation-control measures for the region

Nine measures can serve as a guide for regions to control inflation

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Interior Minister Mohammed Tito Karnavian on Monday listed nine key measures to control inflation at the regional level.

“The nine measures could serve as a guide for regions to control inflation,” he said here.

According to the minister, the first step will be to monitor prices and inventories to ensure availability, followed by a technical meeting of the regional Inflation Control Task Force (TPID).

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“[Inflation control]cannot be done by local governments alone, so[this effort]involves Bank Indonesia, Indonesian Statistics Authority, as well as the Defense Forces, the National Police and distributors,” he said. he said.

The next step is to maintain supplies of basic and key commodities, he added. Then pursue the initiative to plant shallots, peppers, and other commodities.

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Another effort, he said, is a low-cost market operation with relevant agencies. Local governments and regional inflation control task forces can also inspect markets and distributors to ensure they do not hoard or withhold goods, he added.

Local governments then need to coordinate with commodity-producing areas to ensure smooth supply, he said.

“Then we can also run budget measures such as (unexpected expenses) and social assistance. Also transport assistance from the local budget. is to allow the General Allocation Fund and the Profit Sharing Fund to control inflation,” Karnavian explained.

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