Minister: New BMW plant in Debrecen will be one of the most advanced in the world

New announcements could be expected next week in relation to the BMW plant under construction in Debrecen, eastern Hungary, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in Munich on Friday, saying the project was “more than originally planned”. will be,” he added. ”.

BMW’s investment in Debrecen will be a “success story” for the Hungarian economy, the foreign ministry quoted Peter Syart. The German automaker is building a plant in Hungary that will perfectly combine environmental protection and competitiveness, he added. “This factory shows what the industry will look like for decades to come,” the minister said. “Hungary and Debrecen together with BMW will show the world what will become commonplace in the global economy in the coming decades.”

The Debrecen plant will be one of the most advanced not only in Europe but in the whole world, he said, noting that the automaker will build the first complete platform for an electric model at its plant in Eastern Hungary. Did. Szijjártó said the European economy was headed for a deep recession due to the war in Ukraine and related sanctions, adding that Hungary’s only goal could be to avoid a recession.

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“This is not an easy task, but it is possible and there is a clear recipe for sustaining the growing rate of investment in Hungary, where Bavarian companies play an important role,” said Szijjártó.

“Because it is investment that creates jobs, and employment creates output, which creates economic growth,” he said. “And if economic growth is sustained, a recession can be avoided and we unfortunately need not expect the negative economic impact that we have already seen in Europe as a result of the pandemic.”

In Munich, Sijart met with the Bavarian Chancellor’s Office Florian Herrmann, the Minister for European and International Affairs Melanie Huml, the BMW Group leader Knorr Bremse, Schaeffler and others.

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