Minister of Civil Protection excludes “lightning” as the cause of fires in Athens

“The investigation ruled out lightning and short circuits as the cause of the Penteri fire in northeastern Athens on Tuesday,” Christos Styrianides, Minister of Civil Protection, said in an extraordinary life briefing Wednesday afternoon.

It was certainly a surprise that the former EU Commission had to exclude “lightning bolts” on a very sunny day in Attica, when only the heavy smoke from the Pentelli fire was clouds on the horizon.

Talking about the cause of the fire, like the modern Asterix-Magician Stylianides, emphasized that “therefore, all other possibilities are open.”

Stylianides attacked the masses with unnecessary etiquette and explained the effects of fires on the environment and property – Quote: “Bad Impact!” –, Emergency Line Features<112> -quote: “Use 112 for evacuation!” – And Ambulance Service EKAV – Quote: “EKAV is waiting to transport people in need!”

Then he proceeded to the summer version of the winter story. Athens was paralyzed and “we were surprised because it didn’t snow at noon,” he claimed. “It was strange that the fire went up at night.” Note that from Tuesday day and night to Wednesday noon, the winds were blowing in the Beaufort scale of 6-7 and the gusts were over 8B.

He talked about “a particular geological form of Mount Pentelicus,” as he did about the Hymettus Mt fire in June 2022. We clearly believe that the mountains are made of flat sheets of paper.

and, The best Stylianides: He congratulated the effective adjustment of the fire extinguishing mechanism.

In the exemplary indication of lack of empathy, he spared no word. The horrifying effects of the Athens / Penteri fire: 46 hospitals with respiratory problems and minor injuries, one man suffering from severe burns, an elderly person who died when he saw his house burning, Midnight evacuation, burns of dozens of people or one of the few “lungs” left in the Greek capital, houses, carcasses of animals, wildlife damage, and massive environmental disasters in over 20,350 acres of burnt forest. Has occurred.

He emphasized that efficient coordination of all fire brigades was not a coincidence this year – because he was in charge. “I did it!” He cheered.

“Coordination, cooperation, and timely intervention have been central to both the ministry’s and government’s new strategies in managing natural disasters from the very beginning,” he boldly pointed out. Note that during his briefing, two new fires broke out in Megara and Salamina in West Attica, and God knows elsewhere in the country.

Like the Oscar winners, Stylianides took the time to “thank” everyone in the name of the power that fought the fire in Penteri, as if the fire had ended.

Greek newcomers, coming directly from Brussels and Cyprus, also mentioned what the Greeks had known for years. “We are at the peak of the fire season.”

His briefing was still going on when hell broke out Social media # Στυλιανιδης

Is the rest history? No. Like everyone else, he is still in his position. Of course he is. About an hour later, the Prime Minister also praised the super coordination, which was better than the previous year.

PS I don’t know if he succeeded as an EU Commissioner adjusting something from his desk, and how he succeeded, but I offered Cyprus 100 euros + shipping costs to bring his man back To do. Minister of Civil Protection excludes “lightning” as the cause of fires in Athens

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