Minister of Labor distributes packages of basic needs in Jakarta, Bekashi

The content of the package is not very large, but think of it as an effort to solidarity with you rather than focusing on the value of the package.

Jakarta (ANTARA)-Labor Minister Ida Fauziyah distributed 1,500 packages of basic needs to workers in North Jakarta, East Jakarta, and Bekasi City to invigorate the spirit of Ramadan.

“The content of the package isn’t that much, but don’t focus on the value of the package. Instead, see this as an effort to work in solidarity with you,” Fauziyah said in a statement received here on Saturday. Said in.

The minister said the package distributed on Friday (April 22) showed her compassion to those in need most during Ramadan, which is worshiped by Muslims.

The COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t over yet, so the minister urged residents to maintain a health protocol while distributing the package.

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“Maintain discipline to adhere to the health protocol. Use a mask and take it if you haven’t received the booster vaccine yet. If you want to return home, if you have the booster vaccine Travel will be safer. Vaccines, “she said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kodilla, from the Pejuan area of ​​the Medansatoria district of Bekasi, expressed his joy in receiving the basic food package from the minister.

She said that support for basic needs would help meet her daily needs when the prices of some basic commodities began to skyrocket.

The basic needs package also helps meet the festive needs of Eid al-Fitr, she added.

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“I would like to thank the Minister. I am glad and grateful to have received a package that will help meet our needs,” said Kodilla.

The distribution of basic needs packages is organized under the “Socialization without Physical Contact” event of the Workers’ Social Security Agency (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) to inform residents about the benefits of social security programs.

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