Minister Praises Pontianak City Inflation Control Team

Prices for all commodities are stable. Pontianak and West Kalimantan have good inflation.Expected to continue to decline as more affordable inventory becomes available

PONTIANAK, WEST KARIMANTAN (ANTARA) – Coordinating Economics Minister Airlangga Hartart said West Kalimantan’s Pontianak Regional Inflation Management Team (TPID) will manage food price inflation, which is considered the highest in Kalimantan, and the national average. It was praised for being above 6% of .

After reviewing vendors and providing support at the Flamboyant market on Friday, the minister said he was visiting with his entourage to prepare for a future meeting with the Central Inflation Team.

“The TPIDs of Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua are also involved,” Hartarto said.

During his visit, the minister was accompanied by West Kalimantan Deputy Governor Ria Norsan and Pontianak Mayor Eddie Rusudi Kamutno.

According to his review, the prices of commodities such as onions, rice, oil, chicken and eggs in Flamboyant Market were still relatively stable. However, he expected that increasing food stocks could reduce inflation.

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“Prices of all commodities are stable.Inflation is good in Pontianak and West Kalimantan.Inflation is expected to continue to decline as affordable inventories are secured,” he said. I was.

Pontianak TPID won the prestigious national award at the 2022 TPID Awards, securing the best position for the control team in the Kalimantan region.

This award is a way of thanking the team for curbing inflation in the region. The Best TPID Trophy and Charter were recently unveiled by Minister Hartart at his 2022 Inflation Control Center and Regional Coordination Conference in Surabaya, East Java.

Pontianak Mayor Eddi Rusudi Kamutno said the team’s success in curbing inflation was the result of collaborative and extensive efforts with various stakeholders, including the Bank Indonesia representative in West Kalimantan. Their efforts range from regular coordination meetings, monitoring commodity prices in the market, and market manipulation.

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“Thankfully, the Pontianak Inflation Control Team has been successful in stabilizing inflation despite the global crisis.

The team involved local governments, Bank Indonesia, Logistics Indonesia, Pertamina, and other stakeholders in their efforts to keep inflation under control.

They hosted a coordination meeting with stakeholders to gather updates on the availability of basic commodities before deciding on steps to address it.

“The key to controlling inflation is maintaining the availability of basic commodities. When these basic commodities are available, prices in the market will also stabilize,” he said.

This is not the first time a Pontianak has received such an award. Over the past few years, the Inflation Management team has won similar awards on a national scale.

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