Minister refuses to budge after husband’s company receives EU funds

One of the company’s shareholders is a Chinese national accused of corruption.

A storm over EU money received by a company involving the husband of the Minister for Territorial Unity Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s Attempt to ‘Limit Damage’.

Yesterday, Expresso confirmed that one of the shareholders in the business at the center of this latest controversy is Zhu Xiaodong, a Chinese businessman who was convicted of “aggressive fraud” in the “Golden Visa” case. clarified. After already spending some time in preventive detention.

According to Antonio Trigueiros de Allagan, husband of Territorial Unity Minister Ana Abrunosa (and Hereditary Duke), this is a very small potato.

In fact, both Expresso and SIC’s notices explain that Zhu Xiaodong owns the business in question: “Only 20%”.

In other situations, such as the Russian takeover of Ukrainian territory, 20% is charged as a significant amount. But in this case it is not considered so relevant.

The company in question is Thermalvet, which was founded two weeks before it applied for European funding in 2020.

Thermalvet is reportedly 80% owned by António Trigueiros de Aragão and his father, with the rest owned by Zhu Xiaodong, who has been sentenced to 3 years and 5 months in a golden visa corruption scandal. was sentenced to imprisonment. .

As Observador recalls, Xiaodong was found guilty of bribing the then-president of the Society of Notaries. But according to António Trigueiros de Aragão, it’s not an issue affecting friendships, business his partnerships, or European funding bids.

The problem is that not everyone sees things generously.

Opposition parties CHEGA and IL (Iniciativa Liberal) called for Ana Abrunjosa’s the inference that nepotism is at work.

Prime Minister Costa sought to quell such insinuations, and as soon as the minister realized there was a potential conflict of interest, she Advice from the Office of the Attorney Generalthought there was not illegal When her husband bid for European funds, “ambiguity” Laws that legislators should “carefully consider”.

In short, Ms. Abrunhosa and the government to which she belongs see no grounds for dismissal or resignation as they believe there is no conflict.

But the addition of a convicted Chinese crook didn’t help much.

Yesterday’s report cited an independent online news provider. Paginaumand add it António Trigueiros de Aragão is also related to other Chinese businessmen who have received community funding. From his wife’s service.”

Will this inconvenient story gain momentum or be relegated to a quiet corner?In the case of family, confirmation of the situation is necessary”. Minister refuses to budge after husband’s company receives EU funds

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