Minister visits Crete following a recent earthquake


On Wednesday, Shipping and Island Policy Minister Ioanis Prakiotakis visited Crete to investigate the damage caused by the earthquake of magnitude 6.3 in southeastern Sitia on Tuesday.

He was expected to meet with Sitia Mayor Giorgos Zelvakis and other local officials before taking a tour of the wider area.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Civil Defense dispatched a disaster response unit to Crete to support emergency services. A team of police, firefighters, and other responders worked on the island to identify damaged buildings and infrastructure, as well as potential casualties from a powerful earthquake that rushed from home to thousands of people. ..

According to the ministry, there were no reports of injuries on either Crete or the trembling neighboring islands.

Coast guards have also been mobilized to respond in the event of a submarine earthquake causing a tsunami.

While a small church collapsed on the outskirts of the village of Xirokambos, damage was reported, especially in the area of ​​Sitia. There were also reports of rockslides in many parts of the island. EU Crisis Management Commission Yane’s Renalsik tweeted on Tuesday that it is ready to mobilize international support as needed.

Seismologist Efthymis Lekkas, who heads the Greek Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (OASP), told state broadcaster ERT that the earthquake on Tuesday was the main one. But he said experts had to wait two days for the post-quake sequence. Minister visits Crete following a recent earthquake

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