Ministry declares closure of Hajj activities as last batch of pilgrims return

May they all be in the best place with Allah…

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – With the return of Solo Embarked Air Group 43 (SOC 43) to Indonesia, the activities of the Ministry of Religious Affairs for the 1443 Hijra (H) or the 2022 Hajj pilgrimage have officially come to an end, it said. Ministry has notified.

“There were 240 return flight groups of Indonesian Hajj pilgrims we served. All praise to God.” ) went very smoothly,” he said. , Saudi Arabia, according to a statement quoted here on Saturday.

A total of 354 pilgrims are included in SOC 43, which is the last batch of pilgrims returning to Indonesia, he said. They returned home from Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz International Airport in Medina.

Pilgrims included in SOC 43 came from Tegal City, Pekalongan City, Sleman District and Purbalinga District.

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The ministry’s secretary-general said as of Saturday, there were 11 pilgrims receiving treatment in Saudi Arabia, 10 of whom were admitted to hospitals in Saudi Arabian Hospitals (RSAS) and one pilgrim in Indonesia’s Hajj Health Clinic. (KKHI) said they were transported. Medina.

“All pilgrims undergoing treatment will be placed under the supervision of the Indonesian Hajj (Health) Authority. If they meet the determined medical requirements, they will be returned to the country (Indonesia). he said.

Additionally, 89 pilgrims died at the Holy Land.

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At least 27 pilgrims died between 4 June and 7 July 2022 in the Arafah, Muzdalifa and Mina regions (Al Muzna) before conducting major pilgrimage activities, and 8 to 12 July 2022. 16 people died during the main pilgrimage activities in Almuzna.

In addition, 46 other pilgrims died after completing major pilgrimage activities in Armuzna between July 13 and the present.

An ant who wished for the prosperity of future pilgrims. He offered his condolences to the families of the pilgrims who died during the pilgrimage.

“May they all have the best place with Allah. Amen,” he added.

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