Ministry of Fisheries Holds Fisheries Training for 200 Entrepreneurs

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries has invited 200 prospective entrepreneurs to a training and technical assistance program to strengthen businesses in the marine and fisheries sectors in the regions of the country.

“Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the national economy,” said Artati Widiarti, head of the ministry’s Marine and Fisheries Competitiveness Division, in a statement received on Saturday.

The 200 future entrepreneurs accepted into the program were selected from 800 applicants nationwide, she said.

Entrepreneurs can not only wait and look for opportunities, but also create new ones from scratch, the executive director said.

“Becoming a resilient and successful entrepreneur is not easy because they are expected to be creative, innovative and love to breakthrough,” Widiarti said. I’m here.

According to data from the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Index, Indonesia ranks 75th out of 137 countries included in the index, and she said that among ASEAN countries, Indonesia is ahead of Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand and Vietnam. He then added that it was in sixth place.

“The index reflects the parameters of a country’s entrepreneurial environment, which is the challenge for Indonesia to improve entrepreneurship to compete at the global level,” she pointed out.

Widiarti said he hopes the event will serve as a medium for participants to start and run new businesses.

Meanwhile, Catur Surwanto, Business and Investment Director of the Directorate General, informed that 200 participants will participate in the training and technical assistance program from August to September 2022.

They will be trained in production techniques and various soft skills to help them run their businesses, he said.

Surwanto revealed that program participants will receive training in various seafood production, packaging design and branding, simple accounting, business license management, and other related knowledge.

“After the training program, we hope that participants will feel more confident about becoming entrepreneurs,” said the director.

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