Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Prepares Digital Broadcasting System for 113 Blank Areas

(Meanwhile, the national broadcaster) TVRI is planning (infrastructure for digital broadcasting) in another 256 locations.

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – In 2023, the Ministry of Communications and Information will prepare a digital broadcasting system (DBS) for 113 blank spot areas not covered by analog television broadcasting services.

“These 113 regions are planning digital broadcasting systems (implementing DBS). The ministry’s broadcast director, Geryantika Kurnia, said at a news conference on Friday.

The term “blank spot area” refers to areas where television broadcasts are accessible only through satellite and pay-TV services.

The situation will cause local residents to spend more money to install expensive infrastructure to enjoy broadcasting services, he said.

Previously, the Indonesian government had discussed many possibilities for cooperation with foreign governments, including the French government, regarding the development of DBS.

It was also discussed on Wednesday (September 21, 2022) in a meeting between Indonesia’s Minister of Communications and Information Johnny G. Plate and France’s Minister of Foreign Trade Olivier Becht.

Plate said DBS, which is being prepared through cooperation with France, has entered the stage of technical discussions, before a cooperation contract is discussed.

In this era of digital transformation, the Indonesian government is striving for a successful nationwide digital TV transition program.

Therefore, in addition to DBS preparations, the ministry is also implementing the Analog Switch Off (ASO) program to require people living in areas not covered by analog television broadcasting to switch to digital television broadcasting services.

As of Friday, the ASO program has been implemented in 18 television broadcast territories.

On October 5, the program will also be implemented in the Greater Jakarta area including Central Jakarta, North Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, East Jakarta, Keplauan Seribu District, Bekasi District, Bogor District, Bekasi City, Bogor City and Depok. increase. City, Tangerang District, Tangerang City, South Tangerang City.

Meanwhile, ASO will be held nationwide on November 2nd.

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