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Ministry of Labor upgrades worker visa approval to minutes-Doha News

To apply for a visa, just click from the Ministry of Labor’s review of approval.

The Ministry of Labor (MoL) has announced the launch of a fast track electronic service to meet new worker recruitment demands.

As companies enjoy this new service provided by MoL, the time it takes to obtain a visa approval to bring workers to Qatar from abroad is conveniently reduced to a process equivalent to minutes. Will be done.

MoL I got it “Only companies that comply with the provisions of labor law can benefit from the new service.”

This is in line with the ministry’s efforts to “develop private sector recruitment procedures and upgrade labor sector smart electronic services.”

This new electronic approach aims to serve new and existing entities in Qatar to strengthen the establishment of the company and expand its activities.

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The drive behind this service is MoL Initiatives “Develop procedures for requesting recruitment of private sector workers, develop smart electronic services, improve labor sector electronic services systems, accelerate and accelerate the completion of services provided to clients. Develop a policy to contribute to that. “

In order to enjoy this new efficient service, the newly established company must submit a detailed application containing information on the requested labor according to the requirements of the company’s establishment.

According to MoL, smart cards (QIDs) are an integral part of applying for approval of new labor requirements. This is to verify the identity of the facility and its stakeholders as the employer needs access to the national certification system.

Other requirements include providing contact information, a description that justifies the worker’s request, and a description of the specific worker required by the company. The number of workers required to establish is important for the online process as well as providing the company’s standards to justify the required amount.

These requirements apply to both newly established and existing companies. Applications can be made through the government’s e-portal “Hukoomi”.

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On arrival

according to HukoomiIt is the employer’s responsibility to manage all necessary paperwork required to obtain a residence permit on behalf of the next worker.

In this process, the employer arranges a temporary visa when the expatriate arrives in Qatar. This visa “is then converted into a work permit. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks, and in some cases longer.”

MoL advocated a mission to launch a comprehensive electronic system for all services offered in the near future in order to solidify a more paperless approach to related government services.


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