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Ministry prepares electronic design of no-intermediation Umrah trips for foreign pilgrims

Okaz/Saudi Arabia Official Gazette

Jeddah The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has made available an electronic design of the Umrah travel program for foreign pilgrims.

The ministry has clarified that pilgrims and visitors coming from outside Saudi Arabia can opt directly into the program without intermediaries during the annual Umrah season, which began on Muharram 1 Saturday. Link: https://maqam.gds.haj.gov.sa/Home/OTAs

Meanwhile, the first batch of pilgrims from abroad arrived in Mecca to perform the Umrah pilgrimage on Saturday, July 30, marking the beginning of the new Umrah season. The Secretary General of the Two Holy Mosques received pilgrims from abroad in an integrated system of the highest services. For them I prepared the whole Grand Mosque of Mecca and its courtyard so that they could perform their ceremonies with ease and comfort.

“All arrangements have been made to serve pilgrims and facilitate their transportation and accommodation arrangements. A source from the Hajj and Umrah ministry told the Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

This is within the framework of facilitating the pilgrim’s journey to the kingdom and guaranteeing quality services for performing Umrah ceremonies in a spiritual atmosphere. It also aims to enrich the pilgrim’s cultural and religious experience through a simple and accessible electronic procedure that saves him 24 hours of time and effort.

Ministry sources said Umrah pilgrims should contact one of the approved tourism companies or agents in their country to purchase a package of services, complete the requirements for issuing a visa, and visit the Grand Mosque. You can also book Umrah dates at and pray at Rawda. Sharif. Foreign pilgrims may have consulted the list of approved foreign agents issued by the Ministry through the link gov.sa/eservices3/pages/VisaInquiry/SearchVisa.xhtml?dswid=-4283.

Requirements for issuing Umrah visas to foreign pilgrims include issuance of return tickets, acquisition of insurance policies, reservation of housing, transportation, and field service packages from any of the approved Saudi Umrah companies or establishments. will bethere is There are over 500 qualified Saudi Umrah service providers and establishments with over 2,000 foreign agents, accredited by the Hajj and Umrah Ministry from all countries of the world. Umrah pilgrims are allowed to travel and move between all regions and administrative districts across Saudi Arabia.

According to ministry sources, Umrah pilgrims will perform Umrah and prayers at the Raudha Sharif of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah before coming to the kingdom through the Tawakkarna application, subject to the limited capacity available at the Grand Mosque. You can also reserve a date. In Makkah upon request.

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/623494/SAUDI-ARABIA/Ministry-readies-e-design-for-Umrah-Trip-without-intermediary-for-foreign-pilgrims?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link Ministry prepares electronic design of no-intermediation Umrah trips for foreign pilgrims

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