Ministry urges MUX providers to push set-top box distribution

MUX organizers are also requested to distribute set-top boxes. Why should I pursue it?So that the poor in this republic can get a set-top box

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Ministry of Communications and Information urges multiplexer (MUX) providers to push distribution of free set-top boxes (STBs) to lower socioeconomic classes to support analog switch-off (ASO) Did. The transition from analog television to digital television.

Geryantika Kurnia, Broadcasting Director of the Ministry of Communications and Information’s Directorate General of Posts and Information Technology, said digital TV services had to be switched off for everyone to have access to them.

“For the MUX organizers, please also pursue the distribution of set-top boxes. Why should we pursue that? to do so,” Kurnia said during a webinar on Friday.

6.7 million set-top boxes will be distributed for free. The multiplexer operator will provide his 4.2 million set-top boxes, and the rest of his 2.5 million will be provided by the government.

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So far, however, the number of free set-top boxes distributed by multiplexer providers remains relatively small, he said.

He gave the example of an SCM group that needs to distribute 1.2 million free set-top boxes, but has so far distributed only about 35,000, or 3% of its goal.

Meanwhile, MNC Group, which pledged to distribute 1.1 million new set-top box units, has delivered only about 15,000, or 1.4% of its goal.

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“Trans TV’s commitment of 600,000 (set-top boxes and that) has only delivered about 12,800, or about 2% more. ) only distributed, or about 1.6%; VIVA more than 150,000 commitments, not yet finished, only () 7,300 (units distributed); Only (units) have been distributed, only about 1% (of the target),” he said.

Moreover, the number of free set-top boxes distributed by the government so far has reached 185,548 units (18.6%).

Kurnia urged multiplex organizers to disseminate information about ASO on analog TV channels. According to one survey, 90% of those who knew about ASO learned about him from an analog TV show.

“So the more intensively broadcast information is, the easier it is for people to transition to digital TV broadcasting,” he added.

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