Ministry, Varsity Inc. Memorandum of Understanding on Human Resource Development

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Labor and Jakarta Trilogi University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on improving the quality of national human resources, including in the areas of research and community service.

“This is our joint duty. We are forcing Trilogy University, the Chancellor and all officials to work together to produce more and better talent,” said Anwar. Sanusi ministry secretary general said in an official statement received on Saturday.

The MoU was signed on Saturday as part of an effort to develop talent capacity to meet job market demands.

Sanusi said there are four challenges facing workers today. The first, he pointed out, was the disruption caused by digital technology, which greatly changed everything, including the human aspect.

One of the effects of this disruption, he said, is the emergence of new types of jobs to replace obsolete jobs.

“Answering this question requires appropriate measures,” he added.

The second is about human resource development.

To date, the Indonesian workforce is dominated by people below middle school. And the percentage of people with this level of education he exceeds 56%.

The data show that the ministry needs to work with the national team to improve manpower capacity, he said.

A third challenge is the demographic bonus, which, if properly managed, will bring great benefits to the country, he said.

This is because it creates economic growth, it creates welfare, he added.

Sanusi said that failing to manage the demographic bonus properly would lead to social problems such as unemployment.

The fourth problem is that Indonesia’s labor force productivity is low compared to other ASEAN member countries.

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