Minnis: Pushing the Public Procurement Act was the right thing to do

Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis yesterday said advancing a public procurement law was the right and right thing to do to move the country forward, saying he opposes it but the Progressive Liberals are not against the law. said.

“They voted for it,” he said when asked about the attorney general’s recent statement that the law would be completely rewritten.

“They didn’t oppose it. They voted for it.

“When we talked about public procurement, there were also challenges. There were concerns.

“One of the big concerns was taking away certain powers from politicians and making them more transparent.

“It was a big discussion between us regarding the Cabinet.

“We decided the country had to come first. We had to move the country forward in terms of transparency, equality and fairness for all. We knew there would be challenges, but we also knew there was a way to do certain things you might have encountered with disability.

“They voted yes. It is appropriate to move the country forward so that all contracts are transparent. I feel it, and I think it was the right thing to do.”

Last week, Attorney General Ryan Pinder said the law would be rewritten because there were several problems with the current law.

He said there are mechanisms to limit the government’s immediate response in emergencies.

“The requirement to go to procurement, especially in an emergency where governments have to respond to situations in real time, really undermines the ability of governments to do that to respond to citizens’ concerns,” Pinder said. increase.

Opposition parties, however, point to Article 34 of the law, which gives flexibility in adjudicating contracts in emergencies.

This section states that procuring authorities may award procurement contracts through limited tenders in the event of an emergency or extreme emergency, including in times of natural disaster or war, among other reasons.

The law went into effect on September 1, 2021, after the Minnis government faced strong criticism from then-opposition parties and others for what was perceived as a drag on the implementation of the new law. . Minnis: Pushing the Public Procurement Act was the right thing to do

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