Missing aircraft clues found from the location of the pilot’s phone

A missing plane was tracked hours after 22 small Nepalese airliners, including four Indians on board, crashed into the country’s mountainous regions. The missing Tara Air 9N-AET is reported to have crashed in Kowang, Mustang district, Nepal.

According to local media reports, the location of the pilot’s captain Prabhakar Ghimire’s phone was tracked by a search and rescue team with the help of Nepal Telecom. The aircraft was searched with the help of the Global Positioning System (GPS) network.

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How was the missing aircraft tracked over the phone?

Search operation is in progress 9N-AET No aircraft, The pilot of the plane that I heard ringing was called. Based on this, the Nepalese Telecommunications Bureau tracked the location of the plane. After this, a Nepalese Army Mi17 helicopter was sent to the location.

According to Nepalese media reports, the aircraft was being flown by Captain Prabhakar Ghimire. According to an airline spokesman, the crashed plane took off from Pokhara at 10:15 am and lost contact with the Tower 15 minutes later.

“The Nepalese Army helicopter could have an accident after Captain Guimire’s cell phone rang and chased the captain’s phone from Nepal Telecom,” said Prem Nas Takul, general manager of Tribvan International Airport. I landed in an area. ” According to the website of the MyRepublica newspaper.

After detecting the position from GPS, a Nepalese army helicopter was sent. The plane disappeared from the radar shortly after taking off from Pokhara, Nepal in the morning. The plane was heading for Jomsom from the tourist destination of Pokhara. The aircraft belonged to 9N-AET Tara Airline. The plane lost contact with the Tower 15 minutes after takeoff.

Identified Indians on board

Tara Airlines spokesman Sudarshan Bartula said the plane had four Indians, two Germans, 13 Nepalese and three crew members. The four Indians have been identified as Ashok Kumar Tripathi, Dhanush Tripathi, Ritika Tripathi and Vaibhavi Tripathi. The search operation is in progress to reach the site.

Rescue operations delayed due to weather

According to the Nepalese portal, a military helicopter has landed on the banks of a river near the Nartan Monastery, which is likely to crash. The helicopter has 10 Army personnel and 3 civil aviation officers. Chiranjabi Rana, Chief District Officer at The Kathmandu Post, said rescue and rescue operations could be delayed due to bad weather.

A police team was also dispatched there. However, there is no population in the place where the plane crash occurred. As soon as the weather improves, the helicopter will begin aerial operation. The aircraft had lost contact with the tower over Godpani on the Pokhara-Jomsom route, air sources said. Missing aircraft clues found from the location of the pilot’s phone

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