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Mission to add a vision of the future to civil servants Karma Yogi: Zitendrasin

New Delhi: Minister of Personnel, Public Complaints and Pensions Zitendra Singh said Thursday, “Mission Karmayogi” will effectively determine the roadmap for the next 25 years and civil servants with a vision of the future that can shape the Indian century. Said that it was intended to be given to. 2047.

As part of the celebration of Good Governance Week, a shift from “rules” to “roles” in governance will be the key to achieving the goals of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New India by addressing a workshop on “Mission Karma Yogi Pass Ahead”. Said it was essential. We will meet that desire.

Keeping in mind that the era of generalists is over, Singh said civil servants now need a capacity-driven capacity-building approach focused on giving them significant capacity to fulfill their role. .. This is the main goal of Mission Karma Yogi.

“To achieve Prime Minister Modi’s vision, it is imperative that civil servants across the country have the right attitude, skills and knowledge. With this in mind, the Government has established the National Civil Service Development Program (NPCSCB). We have embarked on several initiatives, including the launch of, “Shin said.

The program is expected to integrate various aspects of human resource management in government, including capacity building with carefully selected and scrutinized digital e-learning materials. Place the right person in the right role through competency mapping. A successor development plan, he added.

We hope that Mission Karma Yogi will be an important enabler in continuously increasing and strengthening deliveries and will be able to help achieve the $ 5 trillion economic target set by the Prime Minister.

“The foundation of this mission is that citizen-centered civil servants with the right attitude, functional expertise, and domain knowledge improve the ease of living and business, demographic changes, and the background of digital penetration. It is rooted in the perception that it is in. We need to not only raise social and political awareness, but also empower civil servants to become more dynamic and professional, “said the minister.

https://www.siasat.com/mission-karmayogi-to-add-futuristic-vision-to-civil-services-jitendra-singh-2246917/ Mission to add a vision of the future to civil servants Karma Yogi: Zitendrasin

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