Mitt Romney among the 10 Republican Senators who support the gun safety agreement

Senator Mitt Romney is one of a bipartisan senator group that announced the framework of gun safety law on Sunday.

The deal includes resources for the state to implement the Hazard Signals Act, investment in mental health care and school security, and additional levels of surveillance for gun buyers under the age of 21.

“Families deserve to feel safe and secure in their communities. I am about this common-sense bipartisan proposal to save lives while preserving the constitutional rights of Americans to comply with the law. I’m proud to join my colleague. It deserves widespread support. ” Romney said in a tweet.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. teeth, statement This framework is a good first step towards ending the inaction against the epidemic of gun violence that has plagued our country. He said he would put the bill on the floor as soon as possible.

This proposal addresses a series of mass shootings, including Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, Texas.

“Our plan is to increase the mental health resources needed, improve school safety and support for students, and secure people who are determined to be unable to purchase weapons for dangerous criminals and mentally ill people. “It helps,” a Senator, including 10 Republicans, said in a statement.

“Most importantly, our plan is to save lives while preserving the constitutional rights of Americans to comply with the law.”

The House of Representatives last week passed some of the strictest gun control measures that Congress approved in a few years, banning the sale of semi-automatic weapons to people under the age of 21, and banning the sale of large-capacity magazines. Four Utah Republicans voted against the legislation. It is unlikely that you will meet the 60-vote threshold required to pass.

Senate arrangements that still have to be written in legislation are more likely to become law, with the support of key Republicans. It takes 10 senators to overcome the filibuster.

Senate suggestions include:

  • Providing resources to states and tribes, and in line with state and federal due process and constitutional protection, put deadly weapons in the hands of individuals that the court has determined to be of great danger to themselves or others. Create and manage laws that keep you away.
  • Nationwide expansion of community behavior health center model. A major investment in increasing access to mental health and suicide prevention programs. Other support services available to the community, such as crisis and trauma intervention and recovery.
  • Convicted abusers of domestic violence and individuals subject to orders to curb domestic violence are referred to NICS, including those who have or had a continuous relationship of romantic or intimate nature. included.
  • Invest in programs to expand mental health and support services at school. This includes early detection and intervention programs, school-based mental health and wraparound services.
  • We will invest in programs that support the implementation of safety measures in and around elementary and junior high schools, support school violence prevention efforts, and provide training to school staff and students.
  • Crack down on criminals who illegally circumvent license requirements.
  • Invest in programs that increase access to mental and behavioral health services for endangered young people and families through telemedicine.
  • For purchasers under the age of 21, a research period is required to review juvenile and mental health records, such as state databases and checks by local law enforcement agencies.
  • Crack down on criminals who illegally buy or smuggle guns.

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