Mitt Romney, Mike Leigh Review Leaked Supreme Court Abortion Opinion

Some Utah political leaders support what appears to be a US Supreme Court ruling to overturn the Roe v. Wade case, but have expressed disappointment at the leaked draft opinion.

Senator Mitt Romney of R-Utah said he would support the return of the abortion law to the public and their elected representatives if the draft reflected the final result.

“But a breach of the court’s deliberative process is a horrific insult to a significant body and should be thoroughly investigated and the responsible person should be punished,” he said in a statement.

Politico According to the first draft majority opinion written by Judge Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court first reported on Monday that it voted to withdraw the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision that guarantees the right to abortion.

According to Politico, who obtained a copy of the document, the draft was written in February and is not final until it is published. Leaking a draft opinion is unprecedented in the modern history of courts.

SCOTUS blog, which provides independent news and analysis on the Supreme Court, Tweet“It is impossible to exaggerate the earthquake this causes in court, in terms of destroying trust between judges and officials. This leak is the most serious and most unforgivable sin.”

Senator Mike Leigh of R-Utah questioned the motive for leaking the draft opinion.

In his statement, “It is dangerous, sneaky, and sneaky to violate the understanding that has been applied to the entire modern history of the court, that is, to put external pressure on the court and the judge himself. It will do damage. “

Lee, a clerk at Arito, said deliberations and confidentiality were essential to the free operation of the trial and judicial system.

Lee, who has insisted on canceling the Roe v. Wade case, said, “What looks like Judge Arito’s well-written, rational draft actually reflects the views of the majority of courts. I pray for that. “

If the ruling is passed, many states, including Utah, have laws that strictly limit or ban abortion.

Utah Democratic Chairman Diane Lewis said in a statement, “Republicans have fought for decades to impose unpopular and radical views on this issue on Americans, but Democrats have reproductive freedom. We stick to the belief that it is basic and must be protected. ” .. “That hasn’t changed. We will continue to fight for the rights confirmed by the Roe v. Wade case nearly 50 years ago.”

Republicans will probably use this leaked ruling to scare people and continue to push their radical agenda, Lewis said, saying abortion is still legal.

Utah’s Law, SB174 In most cases abortion is banned, but if the mother’s life is at stake, if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or two doctors practicing “maternal-fetal medicine” Both have severe brain abnormalities in the fetus that are “uniformly diagnosable and uniformly fatal or … uniformly diagnosable.”

Governor Spencer Cox notes that Utah’s Trigger Act was passed in 2020, and the state is worried about the court’s actual ruling, including the Mississippi Act, which bans most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. He said he was waiting.

“We are encouraged and optimistic about the possibility that the abortion law will be entrusted to officially elected state representatives, but the draft decision is not the actual decision and the leaked draft is the court’s protocol and deliberations. It’s a dangerous breach, “he said in a statement.

President Joe Biden issued a statement that it is unclear whether the draft of the reported Supreme Court decision is genuine or reflects the court’s final decision. He also said his administration strongly defended the current law.

If the Roe v. Wade case is overturned, it will be entrusted to an official elected in November to protect the voters who elect women’s choices and abortion candidates.

“At the federal level, we need more pros and a majority of pros in the House of Representatives to adopt a bill that codifies Roe.

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