Mitt Romney: Successor to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcus

Senator Mitt Romney accused Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcus of failing to secure a border between the United States and Mexico, suggesting it might be time for him to go.

The US Border Guard has reported that it has encountered more than 1 million immigrants along the southwestern border so far this year, surpassing last year’s record high of 1.7 million. An additional 60,000 people are not detected across national borders each month, Romney said.

“I think this is an unusual failure, but I don’t know where all the obstacles are. Did the president fail to take the necessary policies to keep records like the previous administration? I don’t know if it’s your own failure as a leader, “a Utah Republican told Mallorcus of the Department of Homeland Security. Security and Government Affairs Committee to hold a hearing on Wednesday.

“But on the other hand, this is a record of failure and will cry for leadership changes.”

On Wednesday, Romney wasn’t the first to chase Mallorcus and President Joe Biden on border issues.

Last fall he Biden’s immigration policy is a “monumental disaster” And he said that was enough to leave the federal government “Hanging with thread” Even if there weren’t so many other disasters.

Romney said the solution to secure the border was to finish the wall that was started during the Trump administration and the former president’s “Stay in Mexico” A policy that requires some asylum seekers to return to Mexico to await a hearing in the US immigration court.

Romney also wants Biden to hold Title 42A pandemic-era policy that has led border guards to keep hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Mexico into the United States over the past two years.

“What do you guess when you do that? This will return to its previous state,” Romney said.

Undocumented migrants were detained by a border patrol agent in McAllen, Texas, on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

Laura Sates, Deseret News

Mr. Mallorcus said the Biden administration was very concerned that the end of Title 42 could lead to increased encounters at the border.

“But that’s exactly why in September 2021, we started planning and preparing for the end, knowing that Title 42 wouldn’t exist forever,” he said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will end the Title 42 Public Health Order on May 23. However, that date has been questioned due to Republican-led proceedings seeking to maintain policy.

Mallorcus 6 pillar plan of memo Last month to deal with the end of the policy. This includes increasing facilities to support border guards, transportation, medical assistance, and border operations. The Department of Homeland Security is ready to detain 13,000 to 18,000 non-citizens in early 2021, according to the memo.

The plan also increased the use of expedited removal, detained single adults where appropriate, called for prosecution of persons whose conduct was justified, and processed unqualified persons more quickly. We are calling for accelerating asylum decisions to eliminate them.

Romney said administrative records of immigration “would be devastating to our country.”

Utah is anxious to increase the number of trucking, health care and agricultural workers, he said. These industries want to make more visas available to bring people who can perform these jobs to the country.

“But we cannot make such reforms to the legal immigration system because the illegal immigration system is a disaster. So, until you secure our borders, we will be legal immigrants. I can’t solve the problem, it’s a job you haven’t done, “Romney told Mallorcus.

“In other words, Senator, are we having problems and one of the solutions is legislation?” Mallorcus said.

“The solution is to do what was done before taking office,” Romney argued.

Mallorcus said labor is needed in the United States. The Biden administration talked about the need for safe, orderly and legitimate immigrants so that people do not have to travel across national borders.

“Until we secure the border, we will never modify the workforce and statutory immigration system needed to obtain the visa we desperately need. You can do it with the policy you described. You can’t. You can only do that by going back to the policy that was there before. You have to do it, or you’ll need new leadership to do it, “Romney said. I am.

Mallorcus said the law is the “most permanent solution” to the problem of regular migration.

“Once we have secured the border, we have repeatedly enacted laws to solve the legal immigration problem,” Romney said. “What we don’t do is to tort all kinds of individuals who come here illegally. At the same time, people continue to flow illegally. We need to secure borders.”

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