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MoCI is conducting a joint inspection campaign for retailers and street vendors

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, has conducted a joint inspection campaign for retailers and street vendors across Qatar, including the Mukainis, Ferrageial Asmuff and Ferrei Abdelaziz regions.
As a result of the investigation, nine violation reports were issued to many retailers. This included not writing the commercial registration number on the store sign, not matching the trade name with the name on the site sign, repairing the car outside the retail facility, engaging in activities not listed in the commercial registration. And so on.
Three violations have been reported to street vendors who did not obtain a commercial license. They were referred to relevant authorities to take the necessary legal action.
These inspection campaigns stem from the ministry’s enthusiasm to govern the commercial sector and monitor the degree of compliance with laws and regulations to ensure the protection of consumer rights.

In this regard, the ministry does not tolerate any negligence regarding the fulfillment of the obligations set out in Law No. 5 of 2015 on commercial, industrial and similar public stores, and street vendors, and non-compliance with the Minister’s resolution. Emphasized. 2016 No. (243) on license requirements and regulations for engaging in street vendor activities and ministerial circulation of automobile repair and maintenance shops in cities and shopping districts. The ministry strives to refer those who violate the law and ministerial decisions to relevant authorities in order to strengthen inspection campaigns to control violations and take appropriate action.
The ministry also urges all citizens and residents to report violations related to registration and commercial licenses via the following official channels: Call Center: 16001, Twitter @ MOCIQATAR, Instagram MOCIQATAR.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707124/MoCI-conducts-joint-inspection-campaigns-on-retail MoCI is conducting a joint inspection campaign for retailers and street vendors

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