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Lawyer Fajer Ahmed

slavery Human trafficking in all its forms is widely condemned around the world, but modern slavery is still found in many countries, and unfortunately Kuwait sees a few cases a year. Regime is defined as the gross exploitation of others for personal or commercial gain, and unfortunately some people see the harsh experience in Kuwait as modern-day slavery.

As a lawyer, I receive complaints from foreign employees about restrictions that may be considered modern-day slavery, such as restrictions on movement. Employers illegally keep passports of employees, wages are not paid, and employees work long hours without pay.

No rest

question: My contract stipulates weekly days off, but I am not allowed to take days off and I am not paid overtime. My agreement says food will be served but no food is served. The manager literally wants to enslave us. This is modern slavery. He collected our passports and visas. I haven’t got my citizen ID yet and he is on his second month in Kuwait. He keeps telling me different stories every time I ask. What can I do?

Fage: I’m really sorry to hear this and I hope that extreme cases like this are seriously criminalized. to apply for a passport. I know it’s hard to go to shoon especially when you have to work hours and you don’t speak arabic, just go to her nearest shoon office and file a case. Bring your agreement and proof that you worked for this company at the time.

Holding a passport and visa is illegal and the law takes travel restrictions seriously. Also, your employer has no legal right to hold your passport. We strongly recommend that you also contact your embassy and explain the situation. I understand why this feels like slavery to you, and many may see it as modern day slavery, but I understand that you have a right to stand up and sue. I hope the above helps. If you have any legal questions, please email us. [email protected]

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