Modiano Market regains its shine

The historic Store Modiano Arcade in the northern port city of Thessaloniki will open to the public in the fall. [Olga Deikou]

The lights of the Modiano market will be temporarily re-lit, and photos of the tests of the new lighting system for the designated monuments will soon start circulating on social media. The iconic building in Thessaloniki’s downtown commercial district shines with newness and elegance. Long horizontal windows and skylights make the impressive roof seem to float, beautifully displaying the neoclassical pediments that adorn the façades of Ermou and Vasileos Irakliu streets in the northern port city. It has been. On the ground floor, a poured pebble mosaic floor and well-designed lighting reveal the small white shophouse, its austere symmetry and rectilinear layout, and the open yet welcoming character of the market. makes it stand out.

Works in the style of the Spanish Mercado de San Miguel and La Boqueria and aims to become a new culinary destination

First opened on March 23, 1925, Thessaloniki’s historic market instantly captured the hearts of the city’s inhabitants with its scents, flavors, colors and music, helping to form a collective memory. . In recent decades, however, the market has begun to show serious signs of neglect and wear and tear. According to general manager Hasdai Capon, Fais Group’s acquisition of the commercial rights will breathe new life into the building, making it an innovative destination that will continue to sell select products from all over Greece and other parts of the world. once again.

The gastronomic paradise promised to city dwellers is set to open in the fall for the first time in five years. The restoration of the designated building has been completed and the first companies to rent space here are beginning to set up shop. Overall, the market has 117 stores. It doesn’t function like a supermarket or deli, but aims to become a new culinary destination, in the style of Spain’s historic San Miguel Market and La Boqueria. There is also a cafe bar overlooking the restaurant and food court, making it an open gathering place.

This ambitious project was designed by Lena Sakeralidu and Morpho Papanicolaou, in collaboration with Lena Sakeralidu from the architectural firm Spati, restoration specialist Cleopatra Theorogidu, civil engineer Athanasios Contisas and lighting designer Eleftheria Deco. did. know-how, traditional techniques and attention to detail to emphasize the building’s dual character as both a vibrant social focal point and a historic landmark while maintaining its original reinforced concrete structure. It was attended by dozens of professional builders and craftsmen who contributed. A bold and pioneering proposal for its time, it was designed by and named after architect and civil engineer Eli Modiano, son of prominent banker Saul Modiano.

Much of the original material has been preserved. Metal frames and balustrades, curved marble staircases and roof steel brought over from Belgium in the last century were on display, but what had to be changed was to fit the character of the building, its original architecture and history. It has been replaced with a material that .

Modiano Market hasn’t changed, as architect Morpho Papanikolaou stresses. Restored its original shine. Traditional he is an essential part of the urban fabric located between the Vlali and Vatikioti markets, ready to move forward confidently into the next century.

Modiano Market’s 117 stores sell a selection of products from all over Greece and other parts of the world. [Sparch] Modiano Market regains its shine

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