Moldova and Ukraine have received the status of candidate countries for EU membership – Romanian Journal

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Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova have obtained the status of candidate countries for EU membership. The “historic” decision was unanimously made by EU leaders Thursday night, President Klaus Iohannis announced.

President Klaus Iohannis changed the paradigm of EU enlargement by giving him the status of a candidate for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova on Thursday night, and the enlargement policy received new impetus, making the decision of EU leaders a “big step”. He said he called it a historic step. ..

“Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia believe that they have received new impetus and are confident that all of this will work to implement the reforms and projects still needed to take the next step. Congratulations. I want to make this road fast, good and successful. “ The Romanian president said at a press conference at the end of the EU summit.

President Klaus Iohannis also stated that Romania was involved in the decision to grant the status of an EU candidate for the Republic of Moldova, a decision to some extent Romania’s success. Romanian leaders added, “We hope that Romania and the Republic of Moldova will be together in the European Union in a reasonable amount of time.”

“”It is certainly the success of us, everyone, the European Union, the Republic of Moldova, and, in a rational part, the success of Romania. But we must recognize that we are very pleased with this success that Romania has been working on. So we joined. We have always been involved in promoting understanding and now in promoting status. This is very pleased to us, but this is the first step in a longer series of steps and we hope to reach the phase described in the Romanian first election campaign in a reasonable amount of time. Romania and Moldova’s presidency for joining in the European Union “..

In his turn, Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucę welcomed the decision.

EU President Charles Michel also on Twitter, calling the decisions made by EU leaders a “historic moment” and congratulating the leaders of Volodymyr Zelensky and Maia Sandu.

Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Maia Sandu welcome the decision to grant Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova the status of EU candidate countries.

“Historical Day of Moldova: The European Council has provided us with the status of candidate countries for membership in the European Union. We are on the road to the EU. This will allow our Moldovans to join. Brings more happiness, opportunity and order. I wrote Maia Sandu on Facebook..

The President of the Republic of Moldova says the road to the EU will require a lot of work and effort. “There is a complex road in front of us, which requires a lot of work and effort, and we are ready to work together to ensure a better future for our citizens. Has a future in the European Union!“DMaia Sandu said.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky also said it was a “unique and historic moment” after Ukraine was officially awarded the status of a candidate for the European Union. “”This is a unique and historic moment in the relationship between Ukraine and the EU. “ In a Twitter post, Zelensky said in his opinion:The future of Ukraine is in the EU. “

Inspiring photographs of Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olha Stefanișina, who campaigned intensively for the status of Ukrainian candidates, demonstrate the impact of this decision on Ukraine by EU leaders. Ukrainian officials have been captured by a camera in her office, with her face down and a napkin between her fingers, apparently wiping her tears.

Last week, three major EU member states, Germany, France and Italy, said they agreed to the status of a candidate for Ukraine, with some additional conditions. The European Commission recommends a similar approach. Moldova was supported by the Commission and both Germany, France and Italy.

EU leaders say that these countries have many “challenge” to deal with, after the EU block has begun the most ambitious expansion since the joining of Eastern European countries after the Cold War. He emphasized that it may have to be changed. Moldova and Ukraine have received the status of candidate countries for EU membership – Romanian Journal

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