Moldova hasn’t seen an imminent threat, but is prepared for the

President Maia Sandu of Moldova (left) and President Charles Michel of the European Council

Moldova I haven’t seen the imminent threat of riots and violence removed from the war Ukraineapart from “Provocation“By pro-Russian separatists recently.. However, the authorities said,Pessimistic“Scenario, President Maia Sandu said Wednesday.

She expressed her solidarity with the Ukrainian front at a press conference with President Charles Michel of the European Council in Chisinău.Michelle said EU Was considering additional military aid for Moldova I didn’t reveal the details this year.

In the past week Moldova May get involved in neighborhood conflicts Ukraine After a secessional internationally unrecognized pro-Russian separatist in the Transnistrian region reported a series of attacks and explosions there and accused Kyiv.

Sandu and her pro-Western government called the case “Before the war“Separatists. She also blamed the Russian general’s comment that one of Moscow’s military goals was to occupy Ukrainian territory in order to contact Moldovan separatists.

Kyiv accused Moscow of trying to drag Moldova In the war.Kremlin expressed “concern“About the situation MoldovaSeparatist region, here Russia For 30 years since the former Soviet Union, we have deployed hundreds of soldiers to protect the arsenal.

Asked on Wednesday if she was worried about her anxiety over the next few days, Sandu said through an interpreter: “There are no imminent threats in the near future, but of course there are emergency response plans for scenarios that are not optimistic or pessimistic.“” She repeated the explanation of the case as follows.Provocation“According to separatists, Moldovan police are doing their best on the Dniester River to ensure stability.

“”I’ll help you Moldova It will enhance its stability. “ Charles Michel said. But he added:I think it is important to avoid escalation.It’s not very wise to make provocative statements about the situation Moldova.. “

A country of about 2.6 million people located in between Ukraine Romania has embarked on a decisive pro-Western political shift since Sandu took office in late 2020, openly defeating pro-Russian President Igor Dodon.

The country is dominated by Romanians, but is a large, influential and Russian-speaking ethnic minority with close economic ties to Moscow. A short war in the early 1990s proclaimed an independent separatist state in the Russian-speaking region along the Dniester River. This dispute remains frozen.

The government of Sandu EU March 3, this year, a week later Russia Invaded Ukraine.

Russian TV news is banned at MoldovaAnd orange and black “St. George’s Ribbon“What was worn by supporters of the Russian aggression has been banned in recent weeks following a parliamentary vote boycotted by pro-Russian opponents.

Charles Michel said EU Worked hard to evaluate MoldovaHe called the procedurecomplicated“.

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