Monacare founded by Stefano Casiraghi to hoist the American flag

The American company Blade Air Mobility aims to become the largest helicopter transport service in Europe and aims to bring the vertical aircraft model currently under development to Europe.

The American company Blade Air Mobility is expanding in Europe. The company, which specializes in urban and air transportation, has already been established in New York, Vancouver and India. For the latest acquisition, the American company has signed contracts with his three European helicopter transport companies. In 2019, with these three companies combined, he generated €30 million in revenue and carried 125,000 passengers.

The acquisition should allow the US company to become Europe’s largest helicopter passenger service. Monacair is already one of the largest airlines. Founded by Stefano Casiraghi, the company operates around 50 round trips a day between Nice His Côte d’Azur airport and Monaco, as well as transporting Archduke Albert II, the Grand Duke’s family and government officials. doing.

What will be the impact on Monacair?

For the foreseeable future, Blade Air Mobility’s acquisition of Monacair is not expected to affect Monaco helicopters. But the American company’s arrival shows a real commitment to the future in the principality.Monaco needs to introduce a vertical electric aircraft (VAE) in time. These are new, quiet, emission-free aircraft.

So far, Monacair has mainly offered flights between Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and Monaco, but Blade Air Mobility will also have to develop air links with other heliports in Italy and the south of France.

The deal also stipulates that Monacair’s current CEO, Damien Mazaudier, will join Blade Air Mobility’s management team.

“Blade’s strong global platform, technology and brand, combined with Monacair’s proven operational track record, aircraft management business, strategic infrastructure and customer trust, is an unbeatable combination to lead urban air mobility in Europe. The Casiraghi family On behalf of the, we fully support […] European launch of Blade’s commercial service. Monacare founded by Stefano Casiraghi to hoist the American flag

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