Monaco Streaming Film Festival Awards for On-Demand Films

The festival, which breathes fresh air into the film industry, will be back from May 31st to June 3rd.

It’s a movie event one after another!The Monte Carlo When Cannes The festival is now giving way to the 2nd Monaco Streaming Film Festival. The Grimaldi Forum, which runs from May 31st to June 3rd, celebrates and rewards works broadcast on the Video on Demand platform.

The four-day program includes previews, award evenings, conferences, and a gala where you can meet actors as well as industry experts.

Twenty-three films and series and 80 short films will be shown not only on the forums, but also on the event’s website. After all it is a streaming festival!

The names of the movies and series haven’t been announced yet, but the editorial staff will keep you informed.

Each screening is free, both in the forum and on the internet. However, there is a charge for meetings and gala dinners.

See below for more information and ticket reservations. Monaco Streaming Film Festival Monaco Streaming Film Festival Awards for On-Demand Films

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