Monaco’s new F1 experience: “Bridge the gap between virtual and real”

With the atmosphere of the Grand Prix enthusiastic, Monaco’s unique Bond International, RS Simulation and iCrew services have partnered to bring a thrilling F1 simulator experience to the Principality with the largest screens you can’t imagine.

“As in most cases, we want to do what we think has never been done,” said Bond Management Director Will Faimatea. Monaco Life.

What they created at the Samsung Lounge is certainly something that has never been seen or experienced in the Principality. Samsung’s huge, ultra-modern, electronically advanced screen called “The Wall” is a must-see in itself. Combine this with the € 42,000 SectorOne Professional Simulator in collaboration with Scuderia AlphaTauri F1 driver Pierre Guthrie for a seriously immersive racing experience.

This “eye-catching” synergy between Bond and RS Simulation Monaco arose from the accidental encounter between Wilfaymatea and Jonathan Marechal, business director of RS Simulation Monaco. Having seen the simulator’s capacity on a 50-inch screen, Faimeta quickly realized the potential to maximize the product and display it on a larger, more sophisticated screen.

“The walls are driving Monaco and the background is changing very fast, so it’s suitable for fast-moving actions driving in a simulator,” says Faimatea.

Walls are often used to show sporting events and movies, but the addition of a simulator gives guests a special and unforgettable experience.

The SectorOne simulator itself is the first compact simulator born from real racing, from the work of race engineers who use simulation as a tool in the racing industry to meet the growing demand of professional drivers who want to work or train at home. Was born. They include F1 driver Pierre Guthrie, SectorOne’s main ambassador, and race enthusiasts who are eager to use the ultimate simulation techniques in luxury.

SectorOne was launched in 2019 with Pierre Guthrie on a Monaco yacht. Many other drivers, such as Nico Hulkenberg, Nico Rosberg, Jean-Eric Vergne, have also tested what the simulator offers. According to Pierre Guthrie, this is “a state-of-the-art compact simulator for living the race at its best.”

The simulator is not new. They are well known for games and simulation racing. You can go to race events around the world and give it a try, but it’s usually a small screen and a cheap setup designed for the general public.

Jonathan Mareschal states that RS Simulation wants to provide people with more than just games from the simulator experience. “Since 2013, RS Simulation Monaco has been developing professional simulators for professional racing teams. Since the general public does not have access to such things, we want to provide a genuine racing taste with a luxurious finish. We are aiming for, “says Mareschal.

Therefore, the focus of RS Simulation engineers is to provide the driver with the most accurate feedback using the components used in the racing world, or as close as possible to the actual racing parts.

“What we are trying to do is close the gap between virtual and real,” Marechal adds. “The general public has a state-of-the-art SectorOne tubular frame (like a real roll cage), the finest Dbox Haptic motion platform with a professional hydraulic pedalbox system, and one of the best steering wheels available. , And carbon fiber racing seats can be tried. Single seater position. “

And here is the partnership with Bond, creating something unique and special within the Principality of Monaco. “One of the most important things in a simulator is graphics. You have to be as immersive as you can,” says Mareschal. “Therefore, this immersiveness is important and the idea here is very innovative. It’s like a lab with Samsung technology and The Wall. Usually a simulator with a screen of this size. Cannot be found. “

There is a reason for that. The logistical challenge of bringing the two elements together cannot be underestimated. Trent Sprules, Managing Director of iCrew Services, is accustomed to installing simulators at events such as the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, but installing them in a small lounge in Monaco poses a unique challenge. “Here, it’s very difficult to climb a narrow staircase and set up a simulator,” he explains.

The key to this project is the idea of ​​creating an “experience.” Having tools is one thing, but maximizing their potential is an important part. Faimatea has already developed plans to attract customers not only from Monaco but also from other regions.

“It wasn’t available in Monaco until now,” said Faimatea. “That means increasing your exposure in Monaco and inviting outside companies to corporate events. Experience Monaco with staff and management teams, try out simulators and have competitive fun, for example. See who is having the best time at the company. “

Competitive elements are an important element of the project and can appear in a kind of “Monaco Cup” where clients compete to record the best time. “I enjoy coming here and enjoying the best drivers and personalities in Monaco, for example, the idea that Pierre Guthrie and Mika Hakkinen set such flying lap times. I now have the opportunity to challenge them.” Says Marechal.

Roughly speaking, adding a simulator to the Samsung Lounge is about creating more interactive events. Clients have long been accustomed to visiting the lounge to watch sporting events such as F1 races, but this is changing from this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

“Simulators bring so much added value to the event. When you watch an F1 race, you remain passive, but here VIPs can be active. They are part of it. It’s interactive, “says Mareschal.

“The idea is to come before the official race, do a couple of time trials on the track, and watch the race live on the wall with the memory of just driving it,” adds Faimatea.

And that is the key to this synergistic event, this perfect marriage of Monaco’s business. Together, by pooling their expertise, they are creating new experiences in the Principality. It is unique and interactive and is potentially very competitive with the introduction of the “Monaco Cup”.



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