Monaco’s victory sets a heavyweight final clash with Lyon

AS Monaco Basketball scraped Paulack Ortez (83-85) on Thursday to reach the final of the French Championship. There, you’ll face their old enemy Lyon-Billeurbanne in a series of five games.

Monaco has already played against Lyon four times this season, twice in the domestic division and twice in the EuroLeague. Currently, they are tied together with two wins each, but apart from the considerable wins of the Roca team in January, a small margin determined the problem.

Monaco also has previous experience to meet them in the playoffs. Asvel defeated them in the 2016/17 quarterfinals, the 2015/16 semifinals and the 2018/19 finals. But since then, Monaco has made great strides and is now a European force, so Lyon can expect greater challenges.

After establishing two candid relationships at Salle Gaston Médecin in Monaco, the Roca team hasn’t done anything at Po. Sasha Obradvic’s men, who lost their first tie at the beginning of the week, were once again frightened because they had to hold them on Thursday night to ensure progress.

With the support of the Home audience, Po got off to a solid start and gained a slight advantage in the first quarter. Fearing the same trap he did in Thailand, the third in the series, Monaco took the reins of the match and counterattacked when deciding the tempo.

As if the victory was sealed when they entered the final 10 with a 13-point difference from their opponent (55-68) after pushing themselves into the dominant second and third quarters. I saw. However, when Brandon Jefferson, a thorn on the Monaco side throughout the series, came to the fore and scored a huge 34 points at night, he shot three pointers with pinpoint accuracy.

But that wasn’t enough. Monaco made it to the Betclic Elite final, avoiding the decision-maker for the fifth leg at Salle Gaston Médecin.

After the match, Obradvich looked back on his victory. The way they played was a great temperament and proof of that. We’ve been working hard for the finals all year long, but now we’re in a very good position to get what we want. “

To end the epic season with silverware, Monaco must first travel to Lyon for the first two legs of the final, which starts on Wednesday. Meanwhile, basketball will return to the Principality on Monday, June 20th.

Photo courtesy of AS Monaco Basket

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