Monégasque restaurant owner facing a shortage of staff

Economic recovery appears to be gaining momentum in the Principality, as evidenced by the IMSEE report in the last quarter of 2021, but Monaco restaurant owners share common concerns. Better than 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Industry experts are worried. Faced with a significant decline in applicant numbers, many Monaco establishments have struggled to return to a stable workforce since the end of the Chômage Total Temporaire Renforcé (Temporary Total Unemployment Benefit).

The employment office wants 2,000 euros a month and sends applicants who don’t even know how to make cappuccino.

Tre Scalini Restaurant Manager Claudia Pizzati

“It is undeniable that the staff are less and less interested in this profession,” laments Jeremy Lombard, head of the Brasserie de Monaco. “There is another common problem. Wearing a mask. Candidates can quickly choose between the summer season with masks in Monaco and the summer season without masks in France. . “ And when Jeremy Lombard finds the rare pearl, some leave as soon as they come.That’s a new way of thinking. They work for three weeks, a month, but never come back. “

There may be a shortage of staff, but foreign tourists are back

A younger generation who tends to irritate Tre Scalini restaurant manager Claudia Pizzati. “Youth? They don’t want to learn, they’re not experts, they lack humility,” says, at the end of her rope for months, but fortunately through Monaco’s free terrace. The manager who was able to do it laments. “People don’t want to work anymore, they don’t want to work on weekends or more than 6 hours a day. Unemployment is perfect for them. I work more than 14 hours a day. I can’t handle it anymore. Employment offices are on a monthly basis. They send applicants who want 2,000 euros and don’t even know how to make cappuccino. “

I don’t care about summer, but some people come back, but it gets complicated after October.

Antonio Salvatore

This lack of appeal in the hotel and restaurant industry can cause major problems as the summer season begins again on the same foothold as in 2019 before the pandemic. “I don’t care about the summer season. People will come back, but it will be complicated after October.“Salvatore, the Michelin-starred chef at Lampordi, says. “As far as personnel are concerned, people seem to want more stability.”

LIRE AUSSI: A new shot of the arm for business

“Business tourism is almost back to pre-crisis levels,” commented Guy Antognelli, the Tourism Convention Authority of Monaco Information on March 30. We have to support them. We need to give them strategies to move forward together in order to build future tourism. “ Monégasque restaurant owner facing a shortage of staff

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