Monkeypox detected throughout Portugal

Today’s official news Cases of monkeypox are enrolled in all regions of Portugal – A non-fatal but highly infectious strain of the genus Ortopoxvirus.

Monkeypox has “exploded” around the world this year – it has appeared in a country that has never appeared before.

The World Health Organization is said to be “worried,” but has not yet declared monkeypox a new pandemic. This is basically because for the time being we are largely restricted to men who have sex with men.

Informally, at least One “vaccine expert” suggests that the virus is the result of a mass inoculation campaign against Covid-19.and Already a pandemic..

Geert Vanden Bossche His analysis of the immunoepidemiological results of the mass vaccination program shows that the epidemiology begins with “several different infectious diseases” including monkey pox and avian influenza, as well as meningitis, tuberculosis, HIV and herpes diseases. I explained that it shows.

and Open letter The main point of the theory, announced last weekend, is in the former. GAVI Scientist understanding The Covid-19 vaccine “has exhausted the innate and adaptive immune systems” of those who took it, It reduces immune defense to a level where microorganisms such as monkeypox can spread in ways that were not otherwise manageable.

Elsewhere, and obviously, this is not a general view, experts The sudden explosion of monkeypox may simply be related to the fact that people “started their journey again”. After the pandemic, they are coming into contact with a virus that is rarely seen outside the African Continent.

In other words, while countries are carefully tracking numbers, official sources seem to have no answer.

In Portugal, these went from 0 to 365 in 6 weeks and the latest cases are logged in. Allentejo and the Central Region..

Portugal will be vaccinated with 2700 this week Made available by the European Union, Correioda Manhã reports. The dose is given to people who have had direct contact with previously infected people.

DGS health authorities emphasize that People infected with monkeypox remain infectious until the last “scab” is shed from the skin lesions. It is a characteristic of this disease.

There are two strains of monkeypox. Reuters text described at the beginning of this outbreak: “More severe Congolese strains (up to 10% mortality) and West African strains with case fatality in about 1%”.

The cases detected so far in Europe appear to be West African strains.was there No deaths reported.. surely, The illness led few people in need of hospital treatment, Certainly in has been Mild if unsightly – and boring (It’s annoying because the person who catches it must remain in quarantine until it is considered “healed”). Monkeypox detected throughout Portugal

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