Monkeypox: Two cases of monkeypox confirmed by the CDC in Salt Lake County, Utah

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified two cases Monkeypox In Salt Lake County, the county’s public health authorities said.

“two Possible cases of monkeypox in Salt Lake County The announcement on Monday was confirmed by the CDC to be monkeypox, “said Nicholas Rupp, a spokesman for the Salt Lake County Health Department, in a short news release published Wednesday.

“Infected individuals remain isolated and pose no risk to the public. Both individuals are expected to fully recover,” Rupp concluded in the release. The County Health Department has not identified two adults living in the same Salt Lake County household, citing the Medical Privacy Act.

CDC officials told reporters earlier this week that all cases reported in the United States were related to men. In addition to Utah, cases of the virus, usually confined to Africa, are believed to have occurred in Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Washington, and California.

Only CDC can Confirm cases of monkeypox And so far, in Massachusetts, and now in Utah.

Men in Salt Lake County began to experience symptoms of monkeypox after traveling to Europe earlier this month in areas with cases of monkeypox, the county health department said Monday. When the pair went to their health care provider on Friday, they were told to quarantine and notified the public health authorities.

Examination by state laboratories revealed that he was infected with the orthopox virus, which is part of a family of illnesses, including smallpox and monkeypox. Dr. Angela Dan, Managing Director of the County Health Department, said on Monday that he believed that monkeypox was a “very rare” illness that did not spread easily.

“There is no risk to the general public because of these possible cases of monkeypox,” said Dan, who had been in close contact with the two infected individuals, but they became ill. There was no high-risk exposure.

About 12 people were contacted, Lap said. They are told to monitor for 21 days for symptoms such as fever, headache, myalgia, malaise, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash that turns into a liquid-filled acne that eventually scabs and falls off. increase.

According to Lap, there are no additional suspicious or possible cases related to the two individuals.Neither the state nor the Utah Department of Health has requested the federal government Release smallpox vaccine From national stockpiles to help treat high-risk contacts.

World Health Organization Outbreak Illness mainly among gay or bisexual men Can be controlledThrough good hygiene and safe sexual behavior. Monkeypox can be transmitted through gender and other intimate contact, as well as shared bedding and other materials.

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https://www./2022/5/25/23142054/monkeypox-cdc-confirms-salt-lake-county-utah-cases-what-is-monkeypox-disease-health Monkeypox: Two cases of monkeypox confirmed by the CDC in Salt Lake County, Utah

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