More Americans visit Portugal than ever before

Never before have so many Americans visited Portugal.

sum of 183,215 tourists When American passport visited Portugal in Julysurpassing the record set in June (181,869), which was already the highest number since the National Bureau of Statistics (INE) began keeping records in 2013.

“The United States is discovering Portugal” Graça Didier, Secretary General of the American Chamber of Commerce in Portugal (AmCham Portugal), Said Eco Online newspaper.

“Until a few years ago, it was an unknown country, and there was not much recognition that it was a European country. Portugal is on the American mapIdentified as . safe countrywith good quality of lifeto live and work,” added Didier.

Trends were already changing before the 2019 Covid-19 pandemicThe US market had more holidaymakers from Portugal (1.202,247) than from Brazil (1.281,675).

this year, The US is expected to overtake Brazil to become the most important non-European market. By July, over 766,000 US tourists had visited Portugal, and over 495,000 from Brazil.

this is, US becomes fifth country with most tourists visiting Portugall, trailing only England (accounting for 1,196,174 tourists in Portugal in the first seven months of 2022), Spain (1.086,137), France (825,003) and Germany (794,722).

In addition, the barometer of American companies in Portugal is that the United States “The fifth largest source of tourism revenue” 7% share by country of origin.

The ECO said Portugal set a new record for the number of U.S. tourists. USD and EUR have practically the same valueto the American spend more money in Portugal. However, the online paper adds that this is not one of the main reasons so many Americans visit Portugal.

“Americans like what they see” Didier said. “Portugal has history and culture, favorable climate conditions, hospitality, and Portuguese generally speak English.”

pristine areas such as the Alentejo coast and the Douro region also attract many U.S. vacationers, but others are drawn to cruise tourism and the many direct flights between the two countries offered by TAP, United and Delta. increase.

The physical distance between Portugal and war-torn Ukraine has also given U.S. tourists a sense of security, Didier added.

The good news for the domestic tourism sector is This may be just the beginning.

According to AmCham Portugal boss, the American market is “Never Stop Growing” Record numbers of tourists from the United States are expected to continue in the coming months.

“Many travel plans have been postponed due to the pandemic, but are now resuming very quickly.” Didier said.

Other records

The United States is not the only country to set a new tourist record in Portugal.

An unprecedented number of tourists from six countries – Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Romania – was also registered in July.

Over 52,000 Belgian tourists visited Portugal in July. This surpassed the previous record (50,639) set in July 2018.

Ireland set new records for the second month in a row (61,279), while Switzerland (48,033) surpassed the record set in July 2019 (39,811).

In addition, 24,546 Danish tourists visited Portugal in July (up from the record high of 20,921 in July 2017) and 14,591 Czech vacationers (up from the record high of 11,623 in May 2022). more than people).

Last but not least, Romania reached the five-digit mark for the first time (10,053), beating the previous record of 9,711 set in August 2017.

To Michael Bruxo More Americans visit Portugal than ever before

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