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More civilians may have died in Syrian assault, killing Daesh’s top leader

U.S. officials believe that such death was caused by the suicide bombing of Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi Alkreishi and was not in the hands of the U.S. military.

U.S. military officials have admitted that there are no videos of house explosions in Syria or efforts to drive civilians out of their homes. (AP)

U.S. military officials said there could have been more civilian casualties than originally thought in the assault that killed the top Daesh leader in Syria last week.

Officials also said Thursday that they believed that such deaths were caused by a suicide bomber by radicals and were not in the hands of the US military.

Showing a chronology of attacks by special operations forces, officials said Abuiblahim Al-Hashimi Al-Kreisi detonated a bomb that killed him and his family at his home in a sleepy Atme village near the Turkish border. He said he was not sure.

But they said it was caused by him or someone else on the third floor of the building in which he lived.

Earlier, the Pentagon and President Joe Biden said Al Creche had blown himself up his wife and two children.

Military officials believed Thursday that the upper floors were equipped to explode, and said it was likely that Al Creche, not one of his family, did it.

They also said that another person, perhaps an additional wife he had, was with him and could have been killed in the blast.

They said the blast threw “multiple bodies” out of the building and buried them in the rubble. I know Al Creche and his family have died, but the other bodies are hidden in the collapse and the army.

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National security claim

Talking to a small group of reporters, two senior military officials involved in planning or executing the operation provided the most detailed information ever about the February 2 raid.

On condition of anonymity, they opposed allegations by groups of residents and activists that US operations killed as many as 13 people, including civilians.

The Biden administration and the Pentagon have recently been criticized for failing to provide evidence of many national security claims.

This includes evidence of their efforts to avoid civilian casualties in operations such as the Syrian assault and reports of a suicide bombing in Afghanistan in August.

Journalists and several village residents assigned to the Associated Press said they saw parts of their bodies scattered near the assault site in Syria, a rebel-controlled home in Idlib.

Officials said two militants linked to al-Qaeda with automatic weapons approached their homes to attack US troops and were killed. However, officials said other armed civilians in the area did not pose a threat and were not damaged.

Officials also revealed that the United States, which wanted to capture Al Crèche alive, was planning to hand him over to another government.

One official said the United States would have temporarily detained him, but there were no plans for long-term US detention. They said they wanted to protect the “intergovernmental” debate and refused to provide further details.

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Source: AP

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