More dramas fly around SAS

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has canceled 400 flights this month due to a shortage of crew or too few passengers and is facing the threat of strikes by unfortunate pilots in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The CEO of SAS warns that airlines may not survive if pilots quit their jobs.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is struggling to survive after a pandemic and is currently facing the threat of huge losses, wars in Europe, and another strike by pilots. Photo: SAS

“Everyone understands that it will be difficult for any airline to go on strike two years after the pandemic and blockade,” SAS spokesman John Eckhoff told the newspaper. Dagens Næringsliv (DN) this week. He confirmed that SAS’s relatively new CEO, Anko van der Werff, emphasized it in a digital conference with all SAS employees before the Easter holidays.

The warning is issued after the SAS Pilot Group has exited negotiations with SAS management on a new collective bargaining agreement. They claimed that they were too far apart. VG It reports that the strike is probably approaching from mid-May. Roger Klokset, leader of the Norwegian pilot at SAS, said: VG..

“Before the pandemic There were 1,600 pilots in the Nordic SAS, “says Klokset. “Currently we have 870 people. SAS admins believe they are consciously using pandemics to fire pilots in full-time positions. They have. Established a new company and brought in pilots from abroad A person who accepts completely different terms of wages and profits. They (SAS leaders) believe they want contract workers who can maneuver at a much higher altitude. “

Asked if SAS was guilty of crushing the union, Croxet replied, “We expect to eliminate organized pilots and bring in other pilots.” Not only did he raise wages because of the negotiations, he emphasized working conditions as follows: , And only work part-time in winter. “

A few weeks after the negotiations broke down Only a day later, SAS’financial problems worsened. DN The airline reports that the airline’s capital is old and underfunded because passengers return too late after the Corona crisis. A new efficiency program called SAS Forward aims to reduce costs by SEK 7.5 billion and reduce SAS’s ever-increasing debt. Airline owners, including the Swedish and Danish governments, will need to invest new capital in the airline, but are reluctant to do so until there are signs that the SAS forward program is working. .. Only 18 months ago, the two countries provided 12 billion SEK of new capital to cover their corona-related losses.

Some argue that pilot strikes clearly jeopardize economic recovery at SAS and could be the last nail in the casket.Jacob Pedersen, an analyst at Sydbank in Denmark DN State support should not be further committed until SAS proves competitive again. “It will force unions and creditors to find an uncomfortable but absolutely necessary solution.” The pilot union did not make an immediate comment.

SAS management supports its new structure and requirements Due to more flight times and more flexible work schedules from pilots, pilot demands will lead to higher costs. The pilot, who worked part-time temporarily with a wage freeze during the Corona crisis, declined twice the request for further efficiency measures.

“No one wants a strike, and the company is working to strengthen its financial position and long-term competitiveness,” Eckhoff said. DN..Commentator Toll Christian Jensen DN “We will never bankrupt SAS, because it will no longer be Scandinavia’s most important airline,” the Danish and Swedish governments said on Wednesday.

Drama surrounding SAS However, it has clearly grown over the years and many passengers are frustrated. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that many people, including former Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Harald Tom Nesvik, were furious when the flight was canceled during the Easter holidays. He and his wife were told that they would have to return from France two days before the scheduled time or pay an additional charge of SEK 16,000 to return on the day of departure when the ticket was issued. “We considered it blackmail,” Nesbic told NRK, adding that he simply missed a connecting flight to Alesund and eventually agreed to return to Star Alliance partner Lufthansa. rice field.

“We believe the cancellation could be criticized on the route that SAS chose, where we used a pandemic to eliminate 560 SAS pilots,” pilot union Klokset told NRK. .. SAS spokesman Eckhoff blames the aftereffects of a pandemic.

“We are having a hard time There is a shortage of ground crew, training for new employees and security clearance, “says Eckhoff. “This is a situation we share with airlines around the world,” he added, adding that the Pandemic and the current war in Ukraine have caused much less Scandinavian migration than before.

“We have a viable plan to make SAS a competitive airline again, but everyone, including pilots, needs to contribute,” Eckhoff said. He issued a strong warning against the strike. “In our view, pilots don’t understand how serious the situation is. Pilot strikes are now catastrophic and endanger the entire company and thousands of jobs.” Berglund More dramas fly around SAS

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