More than 100 police in Puerto Vallarta disarmed due to lack of gun license

The lack of a gun license disarmed 110 elements of the Puerto Vallarta police station, but said that this was a normalization issue that did not affect the operation of the city police, its director General Luis Fernando Muñoz. Says.

Mayor Luis Alberto Michelle Rodriguez said on Wednesday that about 150 police officers did not have a license to carry weapons, but shortly after he said he had about 110, Munoz said in an interview. The problem is the eligibility to be renewed every 6 months.

“It is important to clarify that some elements have been detected in the unfinished transportation procedure and not to fall into illegality. They are weapons until the corresponding procedure left by the previous administration is completed. In addition to this, there is a long list of new elements that have just been incorporated, and I remember handling the corresponding firearms belongings, “said the Puerto Vallarta Civil Safety Agency, Commissioner. Captain Luis Fernando Muñoz Ortega explained.

He was also wrong because rumors that Sedena disarmed them were the ones he ordered when he realized that past administrations had neglected to renew the weapons licenses of some officers. It was revealed that it was. He has specified that the sole purpose of this measure is to comply with the provisions of federal law and its regulations on firearms and explosives.

Not all elements will be operational with weapons until October. At this time, they are people who are not qualified to carry, engage in social activities, and are affiliated with other officers who are allowed to carry guns.

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