More than 1,300 Ukrainian towns, villages without power after Russian missile strike

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As of 9pm local time on October 10, at least 1,307 residential areas in Ukraine were without power. report By the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The blackout is due to disruptions in the power grid caused by today’s massive shelling across Ukraine.

Electricity supply has been interrupted in the following regions of Ukraine: Sumy (766 residential areas), Lviv (353), Ternopil (169), Kyiv (13) and Khmelnytskyi (6).

Emergency services have reported that 14 people have been killed and another 97 injured as a result of today’s massive strike.

Massive Missile Attack on Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky Said 84 Russian missiles were fired today at Ukrainian cities and infrastructure. 43 of them were shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems. Additionally, 13 of the 24 Russian-made combat drones launched today were shot down. The Russian Ministry of Defense claims to have targeted military, energy and communications facilities, but in reality civilian objects were targeted and either destroyed or damaged.

Reuters pointed out This was the largest Russian airstrike since the start of the war.

Due to the chaos of the grid, Ukraine has decided In order to stabilize the domestic energy situation, we will suspend the export of electrical energy to Europe from October 11th.

Disruption in the Ukrainian power grid

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today’s massive airstrikes against Ukraine were Russia’s response to the Oct. 8 explosion that damaged the Crimea Bridge, Russia’s vital artery to the annexed peninsula. did.Nevertheless, Ukrainian intelligence services Claim That Russia had planned these missile attacks as far back as October 2nd or October 3rd.

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