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More than 14,000 families in destroyed Jeddah slums benefit from rent worth 243 million riyals

Saudi Gazette report

Jeddah — Jeddah Slums Commission confirms rent has been paid to over 14,000 families whose property has been demolished in Jeddah slums worth more than SR243 million since redevelopment projects began implementation in October 2021 Did.

The commission said the Saudi government is providing several free services to citizens who were owners of the destroyed slums, including temporary housing and rent payments.

Among the services Saudi Arabia is eager to offer its citizens are employment services. Because it employs approximately 213 male and female citizens who are residents of random neighborhoods and who are enrolled in the social security system through empowerment programs designed for them.

There are also 86,000 beneficiaries of a range of other services, such as food baskets, water supply, meals, medicines, infant formula and transportation of packages to new destinations.

It is worth noting that housing assignments to owners of demolished properties cover three categories. The first category includes families who are social security beneficiaries and will have about 4781 homes allocated by the end of 2023.

The second category of housing is for homeowners who have title deeds and the government rents their homes until they receive compensation.

As for the third category, they are Saudi citizens who are not beneficiaries of the social security system while living in slums and do not have a certificate. Therefore, their case will be investigated and housing will be assigned.

The Commission noted that the three categories of cases in the neighborhood that are dropped during the coming period will be dealt with later.

The demolition of 28 districts has been completed, with Al Montazahat, Kwaizah, Al Adol and Al Fadol, Umm Al Salam, Kilometer 14 Al Shamari (Kilometer 14 North) expected to be completed by the end of October.

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/623705/SAUDI-ARABIA/Over-14000-families-from-razed-Jeddah-slums-benefit-from-rent-amounting-to-SR243-million?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link More than 14,000 families in destroyed Jeddah slums benefit from rent worth 243 million riyals

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