More than 250 Ukrainian troops surrender in Mariupol’s siege

Over 250 Ukrainian fighters surrendered Russian army At the Azovstal Ironworks in Mariupol. Kieu said on Tuesday that he had ordered a full garrison to evacuate.

The surrender appears to mark the end of the Mariupol battle. There, Ukraine believes that tens of thousands of people were killed under Russian bombardment and siege for months.

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Both sides talked about the arrangement that all Ukrainian troops would abandon the huge steelworks, but important details such as the number of fighters still inside and whether the form of prisoner exchange was agreed. It wasn’t published yet.

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Mariyar told the briefing that Kieu would not reveal how many fighters were in the factory until everyone was safe.

The Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin personally guaranteed that prisoners would be treated according to international standards.

“The’Mariupol’garrison has fulfilled its combat mission,” the Ukrainian Army General Staff said in a statement. “The Supreme Military Command has ordered the commanders of the troops stationed in Azofustari to save the lives of their personnel.”

In a television speech, President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “Ukraine needs to have Ukrainian heroes alive.” A video of the Russian Defense Ministry showed that fighters left the factory in the sun, some were carried on stretchers, and others were raising their hands to be searched by Russian troops.

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What did Russia say?

Russia said at least 256 Ukrainian fighters, including 51 seriously injured, “surrendered with weapons.” Ukraine said 264 soldiers, including 53 injured, have left.

The city of Mariupol is now in ruins. Its complete occupation is Russia’s greatest victory in the war, giving Moscow complete control of the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov and the uninterrupted expanse of eastern and southern Ukraine.

However, because Russian operations stagnated elsewhere and the troops were expelled from the north and suburbs of Kyiv at the end of March, they withdrew from the northeastern outskirts of Kharkiv at the fastest pace.

Mariupol’s is the largest Russian-occupied city since the invasion on February 24, giving Moscow a clear victory for the first time in months. More than 250 Ukrainian troops surrender in Mariupol’s siege

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