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More than 40 people died, many evacuated due to heavy rains, and snowfall struck Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan is currently witnessing the first spell of heavy rain and snow in the New Year, so Pakistan has reported more than 40 deaths, hundreds have been evacuated and many homes have been damaged, officials said. Stated.

In the accident, 22 people, including nine children, were frozen dead in a vehicle stuck in a heavy snowfall in the northern Murry region of the country, and thousands of tourists gathered in the resort area, causing a major financial crisis. An official of the National Disaster Management Bureau told Xinhua News Agency.

He added that tourists would be banned from entering the hill station for the next two days.

Approximately 1,000 cars are stuck in Marie as authorities have launched a full-scale operation to save those who are stuck, and locals provide food and blankets to help them fight the cold weather. Did.

Nine people were killed and 10 were injured in various rain and snowfall-related incidents on Friday and Saturday, according to rescue officials in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Similarly, heavy rains killed 11 people in Punjab and Balochistan, but injured dozens.

Staff from the Pakistan Army, Navy, and Paramilitary Frontier Corps assist local governments in rescue and relief efforts in the country’s disaster-stricken areas. Hundreds of people have been moved to safe places after heavy rains damaged Balochistan homes.

Heavy rains with snowfall on the hills are expected in parts of the country until Sunday, according to a statement from the Pakistan Meteorological Bureau.

According to the Meteorological Bureau, heavy rains can cause flash floods in vulnerable areas of the country, heavy snowfalls in hills can cause road closures, and all authorities should be vigilant during the forecast period. He added that.

Heavy rains and snowfall also disrupted travel across Pakistan.

More than 20 flights to and from Lahore have been canceled or detoured due to bad weather, a source at Alamikbar International Airport in the city told Xinhua.

Bad weather affects train services in countries where passengers had to face long delays, and authorities are asking people to make only the trips they need during the forecast period and get flight or train departure details. I urged you.

Many residents report power outages in some parts of Pakistan due to bad weather.

https://www.siasat.com/over-40-killed-many-displaced-as-heavy-rains-snowfall-hit-pakistan-2255190/ More than 40 people died, many evacuated due to heavy rains, and snowfall struck Pakistan

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