More tickets for road concerts in Croatia will be sold


Zagreb, June 1, 2022 – Road’s “Solar Power” tour has begun. This includes the first concert in Croatia on June 18th and 19th, 2022 at the Fortress of St. Michael in Sibenik.

Only 1070 tickets are available for each concert, and both Sibenik concerts sold out in one day last June.

Today, the organizers announced that additional tickets for each concert will be sold through the Eventim system on Friday, June 3rd. The price is 380kn.

Already in the United States, tours of arenas and amphitheaters are special because the roads are carefully selected where you want to visit, and these are the best concert stages in the world.

The Sibenik Fortress was on the list alongside famous concert destinations such as Radio City Music Hall in New York, Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Roundhouse in London, and Castello di Villafranca in Verona.

At both exclusive concerts at St. Mihobira Fortress, a New Zealander with Croatian roots sings not only some of the mega-hits from the first two albums, but also songs from her new studio release “Solar Power”. increase.

Born in Ella Maria Lani Jerich O’Connor in New Zealand, Lord claims Croatian heritage on the part of his mother and has both Croatian and New Zealand citizenship.

Lord has won multiple Grammy Awards and is one of the youngest performers on the international charts. With her biggest hit of the year, “Royals,” since her first appearance on the scene at the age of 16 in 2013, Lord pushed the boundaries of Alter Pop and always followed her own rules. Maintaining the top. .. Ella doesn’t use social networks at all. She rarely appears in promotions. Also, between albums, I take a big break that lasts almost 3-4 years.

Lord currently sells 12 million albums and 10 billion streams worldwide. Inconspicuously she became the voice of the whole generation with her debut “Pure Heroine”, the album sold three times as much as platinum, won two Grammy Awards, and the single “Royals” was record-breaking. With an audience, Lord became the youngest artist. She is number one on New Zealand’s list of the 100 best billboards since 1987.

Time magazine nominates her as one of the most influential teenagers in the world, she is on the cover of Rolling Stone on the list of the 30 most influential Forbes under the age of 30, and at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nirvana. In 2014, I co-starred with.

Her second album, Melodrama, made her debut at # 1 on the Billboard charts of the top 200 albums, surpassed the album charts in 45 countries, and was nominated for the Grammy Awards for the Album of the Year.

Her new album and the accompanying tours are new evidence of its uniqueness. Her long-awaited discography return was announced on August 20th with the single “Solar Power” from the album of the same name, which was praised by critics and audience and surpassed the world of Spotify and the United States. Within days of its release, there are already 30 million streams, marked as a trend around the world.

NME and Pitchfork give the single a high five, Billboard praises Lord and “Solar Power” as a fresh chapter in her work, and Guardian says Lord’s comeback song is with others in terms of her creativity. It is said to make a clear distinction.

New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams will perform in front of the road at both concerts.

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