More weapons sent to Ukraine

Norway went with a petition from the Ukrainian government to send more weapons to help fend off Russia’s latest attacks. This time, Norway has shipped about 100 Mistral surface-to-air missiles, which have already arrived for use in Russia’s current large-scale attacks.

The Norwegian Navy used a Mistral missile that it currently believes can help Ukraine. Photo: Forsvaret / Adrian Lombardo

“Conflicts in Ukraine can be lengthy and the country relies on international support to combat Russia’s aggression,” Norwegian new defense minister Bjorn Arildo Gram said in a Wednesday morning announcement. He described the contribution of new Norwegian weapons. “Therefore, the government has decided to donate the Mistral Mistral system to Ukraine.”

Gram calls it an “effective weapon” and is used by the Norwegian Navy and will be “very useful for Ukraine”. Norway’s own defense system has been phased out, but “it’s still a modern and effective weapon that can support Ukraine,” Gram said, and other countries donated similar weapon systems. He added that he was.

Gram emphasized that the weapons already shipped to Ukraine had no effect on Norway’s own defense operations capabilities, as Norway had planned to replace the Mistral missiles with missile launchers. Norway has mainly used them for demining and naval corvettes.

In Norway there is wide support for sending More weapons to Ukraine, and it was revealed again on Wednesday. “The government is also providing our full support for heavier defense weapons,” said Conservative Party Ine Eriksen Solade, who now heads Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Commission.

Søreide told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) that her party had already advised the government to send more anti-aircraft defense missiles to Ukraine. So the decision was made and I am very happy that the weapon is already in Ukraine. “

Parliamentarians from the Liberal Party and the Green Party also supported the transportation of weapons to Ukraine, and the Norwegian government also said, “From NASA MS (Norwegian Advanced surface-to-air missile system) to Ukraine.”

In Norway Previously sent about 4,000 anti-tank missiles Despite some initial opposition, different types of protective equipment for Ukrainian soldiers. Even the Socialist Left Party (SV), which had previously opposed Norway’s accession to NATO, is boosting the shipment of weapons, making it easier for the government to win a majority in the left center without an opposition in parliament. ing. Berglund More weapons sent to Ukraine

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