Morning Digest, August 11th

VIDEO | Huge crowds go viral outside MRT vs NDP fireworks!

Photo: TikTok screengrab/yule3xiaohahaha

Thousands of people flocked to various National Day events across Singapore on Tuesday (August 9), given the very low-key celebrations of the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Crowds gathered in many places, and one TikToker captured video of a large crowd at an MRT station on Tuesday night.

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Chicken prices go up, but chicken slices on chicken rice go down — netizens lament chicken shrinkage, even comes with just bones and skin


Below are some posts from the popular COMPLAINT Singapore Facebook group, which seem to indicate that less chicken was served with the dishes they ordered.

One lady ordered clay pot rice with less chicken than advertised.

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Red Lions Parachutist Accident — Hard Crash Landing During NDP 2022 Jump, Netizens Outpouring Wishes For Quick Recovery

Singaporeans witnessed the hard landing of one member of the Red Lions parachute team during the National Day parade on Tuesday (August 9).

Warrant Officer 3rd Class Jeffrey Henn, the last of the parachutists to land on the ground, rolled over with his parachute enveloping him.

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A woman asks, “Why are local men boring?” — Netizens tell her why

Photo: Unsplash/Leandro Lucas (for illustration purposes only).

A woman recently took to social media to lament why.Local men are so boring,” some of them told her bluntly that she might be the problem.

“Why are local guys boring?” she posted on the SG Whispers page, adding:

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Man weeping at NDP says his outpouring of emotion is his ‘gratitude’ and gratitude to all who have contributed during Covid-19

Photo: FB Screengrab/SGAG

Perhaps the most enduring image of National Day 2022 is that of a man who shed tears in the National Democratic Party.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong also posted a picture of Azuan Tan’s upturned face in tears on Facebook and Instagram, calling it “one of the iconic images of #NDP2022.”

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