Morotov Cocktail Found Outside Jej’s CGI L Office-English

(ANSA)-Rome, October 14-Molotov cocktail was found on Wednesday outside the regional office of Italy’s largest and most left-wing trade union CGIL in the town of Marche, Iesi.

According to local sources, the incendiary caused a small fire and the wall next to the gate turned black.

Locals found it and put out the fire.

CGIL said there was no harm to people or property.

Ancona’s DIGOS security police are investigating.

Last Saturday, CGIL’s headquarters in Rome was attacked by a mob led by neo-fascist group Forzanuova (FN) during a protest against the government requiring a green pass health passport at work starting tomorrow. ..

The case spurred calls for the dissolution of FN and other neo-fascist groups, and opposition from right-wing parties should disperse all destructive groups to the left and right. (ANSA).

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