Moscow: Sophia’s rejection of the new payment system leads to more expensive

“”BulgariaNew refusal gas Payment system proposed by Russia Inevitably leads to end-user price increases“.This was mentioned in an interview with TASS by Yuri Philipson4th European Director of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“”In essence, Bulgarians are faced with questionable and costly plans for American companies and intermediaries of all kinds to make money. End-user prices are inevitably rising,gas As a weapon-it’s now fashionable-it’s an attempt to blame Russia,” He said.

Philipson said: Bulgaria,Until recently”Insisted on the role of gas Hubs across the Balkans and Europe are urgently looking for alternative sources and methods for importing blue fuel... “

“”It is promised to make up for the deficit by purchasing liquefied natural products gas Reserved capacity for its reception at the Greek terminal in the United States“He added.

According to diplomats today Russia I’m witnessing “An attempt by official Sophia to correct itself from the powerful blow that the authorities themselves have done to the territory of Bulgaria’s economy and society by participating in anti-Russian sanctions.natural gas Proposed by Russia“.

Philipson Emphasized it RussiaSuggestions gas The payment algorithm is “Transparent and simple.. “”Many European companies are already using it well. Bulgarian authorities need to decide whether to switch to a new payment system to receive fuel in full and at a reasonable price on time, or to reject innovations that damage the general public and support foreign capital.How about Russia, We continue to be an honest and reliable supplier.Buyers also need to make sure they are business-like partners“He added.

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