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Mosque destroyed and Muslims targeted by racist graffiti in France

Two mosques were damaged as racist graffiti aimed at Muslims was sprayed on the walls of western towns in two different cities in southeastern France.

Several Islamophobia attacks have recently been launched in France amid government crackdowns on mosques under the controversial “anti-separatist” law.

Two mosques were destroyed early on Tuesday in La Mule and Domaine in southeastern France, according to the report. Local media..

When the congregation arrived at the Lamure mosque, run by the Turkish Muslim community, they had the trash can in front of the building turned over, the mailbox and door handles damaged, and a small Turkish flag pennant partially. I discovered that it was there.

On the wall of the mosque, graffiti of Islamophobia such as “Islam is harmful” was written. Security forces have begun investigating the case.

In another case, a suspected drunk man entered the Domenée mosque on the night of December 27, damaging its location and writing a statement on a tablecloth accusing Imam and the community of inciting terrorism. ..

The attacker managed to escape from the mosque. Security forces are investigating whether there is a connection between the two attacks.

Islamophobia slur on the wall of the town

Meanwhile, racist graffiti for Muslims was also written on the wall in the center of the town of Château-Gontier in the Pays de la Loire region. One of them read “Islam from Europe”.

On Twitter, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin Said He favors Islamic influences at La Mule and Château Gontier, and such vicious acts are contrary to the values ​​of the Republic.

“Escalation of hatred”

In a statement, the French Turkish Muslims Coordinating Committee (CCMTF) said that the idea of ​​anti-Islam, racism, and nativism has increased, especially in the country, recently, and Muslims He said he was exposed to direct attacks.

Muslims have witnessed growing hatred of Islam, including mosque closures, places of worship attacks, and Islamophobia graffiti, blaming these attacks and bringing the perpetrators to justice. I asked for that.

France closes mosque

With the adoption of the controversial “anti-separatism” law in August, Paris has tightened restrictions on Islamic institutions, places of worship and influential Muslim figures.

Local authorities on Tuesday Ordered Closing of a mosque in the northern part of the country. According to the province of Oise, where Beauvais is located, the mosque of Beauvais, a town of 50,000 people about 100 km (62 miles) north of Paris, will remain closed for six months. The sermons there are said to incite hatred and violence.

The international community, especially the United Nations, as well as non-governmental and human rights organizations, have criticized the French government for targeting and pushing the limits of Muslims.

As a result of inspections conducted at 99 mosques this year at the direction of the French Interior Ministry, 22 mosques were closed and proceedings were filed against 6 mosques.

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