Most Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia seek work, despite many barriers

According to a Trexima poll, 4% are interested in business.

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Studies show that Ukrainian job seekers and Slovak employers consider inadequate proficiency in Slovak or foreign languages ​​to be the biggest obstacle to finding a job in Slovakia.

Trexima Bratislava, which runs the job search website, conducted a poll of a sample of 750 respondents. Of these, 450 were Ukrainian job seekers and 300 were employers.

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More than 94% of Ukrainians who participated in the survey will have temporary protection or will apply.

As of May 10, more than 3,100 Ukrainian job seekers are registered on the website. They can choose from 8,300 jobs suitable for them.

I want to work

According to a survey, one-fifth of Ukrainians registered on job search websites have already been contacted by their employers for jobs in Slovakia, and 78% are still actively looking for a job. , 2% of respondents are not yet interested in work.

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When asked if they have already started working in Slovakia, 67% answered “no”, 21% of Ukrainians are already working in Slovakia and 12% will start working soon.

Half of the Ukrainian applicants who could find a job work in Bratislava, Tornava, Nitra, Kosice, Poprad and Zhilina.

Major obstacles

According to employers’ responses, 30% have already filled some vacancies with Ukrainian job seekers. Employers primarily offer jobs to Ukrainian candidates such as production operators, kitchen assistants, waiters, cashiers, warehouse workers and nurses.

In addition to the language barrier, Ukrainians lack suitable job listings on job search websites, lack of information on where to look for jobs, do not meet employer requirements, accommodation issues, and placement of children. Taking into account the lack of opportunities to do school facilities as another important obstacle when looking for a job.

On the other hand, one in five respondents said they had never encountered a disability when they got a job.

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Employers see the same. They believe that language barriers, administrative complexity of the hiring process, access to the required documentation, and other procedures are the biggest problems in filling vacancies by Ukrainians.

Most refugees want to stay

The survey also shows that 4 out of 10 Ukrainians accept jobs in Slovakia and 4% are interested in business.

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Ukrainian respondents are most interested in the positions of kitchen assistants, managers, social workers, production operators, cleaners, or teachers. Prior to the conflict, Ukrainian refugees worked primarily as teachers, accountants, managers, salespeople, bankers, doctors and administrative staff. Nine percent have no work experience so far.

Of the respondents, 56% will stay in Slovakia after the war, 41% will return to Ukraine, and 3% of Ukrainians will stay in Slovakia temporarily and move to another country. I think that. Most Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia seek work, despite many barriers

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